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UFC 4: I would like to petition for varied angled punches. From what I saw on the new beta, the punches look identical to UFC 3. Remember UFC 2 had punches coming from different angles and had different fist positions also. For example: the Regular Hooks were longer hooks with a palm neutral (palm of fist facing self on impact to the opponent’s face) and the swing angle was pretty level. The Heavy Hooks were also a palm neutral fist and came from a lower angle like The Wanderlei Hooks they added in a late UFC 3 patch. Then there were regular and heavy overhand hooks with a more over the top angle and palm almost down fist on impact. I think this was awesome to have all those punch angles and fist positions. Think about it. From the beta every fighter had the same exact hooks. Short right angle palm down fist hooks that look weird. Let’s have some variety. Especially for create a fighter. Think back to the old games that had 10 diff straight punch options and 5 diff hook punch options. At the least, let our CAFs have Wanderlei’s hooks as an option. I’d love to see shovel hooks (like an upper hook). Think Robbie Lawler’s left hand coming from a low to high with palm neutral but not quite an uppercut. Let me know what you guys think. I know it’s kind of technical, but isn’t that what it’s about? As real as it gets right? Just want some different punch styles for my CAF.


  • I wholeheartedly agree, that was my favorite aspect of UFC 2 as well. All fighters don't throw strikes the same way in real life, and UFC 4 needs to reflect the different positioning and angles at which different fighters throw certain strikes like the Hook or Jab ect.
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