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PLEASE READ - Franchise Mode Suggestions

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Franchise mode is not great. It has the framework to be great but it lacks immersion and just overall "fun-level". I actually was just playing NBA 2K20 MyGM and I was honestly appalled at how shallow Madden 20's franchise mode is compared to NBA2K20's. The level of immersion in MyGM is incredible and is a great thing to work towards for Madden. Now let me get this straight, NOBODY, I mean NOBODY is expecting 2k MyGM; we are just begging for some simple things. I think that we all recognize that it's too late to add major features to Madden 21, but I think that maybe a list could be helpful.

SIMPLE FIXES (things that should be implemented at launch or soon after launch for Madden 21)
  • Compensatory picks
  • Realistic contract demands (why is Chris Jones asking for 10 mm/year in my franchise mode)
  • Positional changes (3-4 OLB is not the same as 4-3 OLB, Nickel corner should be a position) as well as more realistic depth charts
  • More advanced contract structuring system (incentives, backloading, frontloading)
  • Able to negotiate multi-year deals with free agents in-season
  • Increase the number of slots in trading

LARGER IDEAS (could be implemented in Madden 21, I know I'm reaching; really more for Madden 22 and beyond)
  • Scouting revamp (more immersion, more realism) LOOK AT DEUCE DOUGLAS' IDEAS ON TWITTER
  • Coaching tree (make it matter though, that's the key)
  • Players with different priorities (some players want to play for a playoff team, some just want money)
  • Player holdouts
  • Training camp battles
  • Make rookies ratings unclear, training camp helps clarify their strength and weaknesses
  • Fix regression system
  • Different broadcasting experiences (Sunday Night, Monday Night, Thursday Night)
  • Trading system logic revamp (some players way too easy, others way too hard)
  • Home-field advantage; unique stadiums

Please feel free to add on to the list!!!

Additionally, the community really wants to hear some answers. We are some of the most passionate fans and we love the game of football so much and we just want to have a fun experience. Tell us what the plan is, so we know what to expect. We don't expect super-revealing details because that defeats the whole purpose of secrecy and marketing but it's fair to present a basic outline of what's coming to the football game we love so much.
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  • MalachyAD
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    Bro they're not gonna listen to you. remember? ea hates franchise and refuses to act/respond on any thing that relates to franchise
  • Coaching positions like head coach,o coordinator, d coordinator and they have actuall attributes like the players. Attributes like awarness, aggressiveness, clock management, creativity, player development just to name a few. These attributes actually affects how they coach against you and for you, in franchise it can be a part of a free agents decision to sign with a team. Also it can help with teams playing like their real life counterparts.
  • That would be cool. The better the coordinator the better the suggested playcalls kinda thing. Or you can set it to have coordinators only call the plays and it just shows you the playart (as opposed to leaving the option to call plays as the HC... don't take away the full play selection lol).
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    more contract options
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