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Shouldn’t be able to play with Suspended Players

I wish EA would add to the system players who are under suspension are not allowed to be added to the depth chart until their suspension has been lifted. Example, Bashaud Breeland has been put on a 4 game suspension, he would be placed on “locked” until October 3.

If it’s in the game, it’s in the game. Realistic game play.

What are you guys thoughts ???



  • I do wish we had a bit more realism added, especially for franchise. Suspensions, holdouts, possibly contracts incentives, and the signing bonus should come from the owner funds, not the cap.
  • It would be nice if contracts were as immersive as they are in NHL and The Show. "Maybe next year."
  • I don't really mind it for franchise mode, but online head to head using injured/suspended player feels strange.
  • It'd give a more true to life franchise as well. Giving us an option of who to suspend, and y would be cool.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    I don't really mind it for franchise mode, but online head to head using injured/suspended player feels strange.

    I can see where you're coming from at a realism standpoint, but I think the team wanted to make sure NFL fans of their favorite teams are able to use all the players available on the roster. It can also keep teams in the matchmaking pool for online H2H. If you have big time QBs (or a couple stars on a team) go down it's unlikely those teams will be selected in matchmaking which I guess can result in never seeing those teams played online.


    Are you referring to both online and Franchise or just specifically Franchise?


    If you select the Head Coach option for your franchise it would be fun to issue a team suspension here and there. Maybe they don't show up for practice because of a holdout or off-field incident and you can suspend them for a game. By doing so, the backup RB can get a short time stat boost as their moment to shine but if they don't have a big game their rating could drop significantly, so it's one of those high risk/reward scenarios. This is my personal idea though, but I love how you all have been throwing out requests like this to get conversations started to help improve Franchise. Over the course of the year we've seen a signficant amount of feedback from the community on Franchise, including these forums, and passed conversations from these forums up to the team.

    I'm sure you've seen the updates that are coming post launch and next year. We'll do our best to incorporate as many features as possible to make Franchise go into more depth and a richer experience, but keep in mind that conversations here may not always guarantee implementation but it's great to hear where all your heads are at.

    Thank you for the feedback fellas/ladies!
  • I’ve never participated in the franchise segment of the game. I’m a H2H only guy with my college teammates. I just think it’s weird to be able to play with players who are not available in real life. Injuries and suspensions are just part of the game. We’ve to adjust like like coaches in real life. I understand your view as well.

    Thanks for the input
  • @EA_Blueberry Yeah using a coach or an owner in franchise to do that would be nice. I could see, and would be ok w/ the backup getting a boost. At that point it'd be just as similar as starting the backup over an injured player available to come back early from injury.

    Yeah, I've seen the update post for franchise. I'll say this, EA is talking a big game, but I'll believe it when I see it. Too long have we been told it'd be focused on, for it to stay how it's been the last 5+ yrs. The stuff that needs to be implemented immediately is the stuff for any of us who have online leagues that we run. It'd help make it run much smoother. Also, a lot of the old features need to make a return. Whats ridiculous is that they got taken out in the 1st place and nothing was wrong w/ them.

    We also need to be able to add coaches somehow similiar to how we add draft classes, that way as coaches retire, we can still have big names. Give an option in the offseason to add new coaches to be hired.
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