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Wowwwwww Madden 21

Here's what I'll say about the PS4 version. If EA would have released this game last year, they might have been on to something. At this present moment I am playing to EA access version. If they think that I would buy this game on PS4, lol. Sadly mistaken. This game is exactly what I hated about Madden 19, 20. This game might have ruined the chances of ME buying the Next gen version. For all the new fools that already bought it on pre order, will buy it the day it came out. Good luck. This gameplay online. Which is the mode I play is still not ready. Now I am certain it will never be ready. So thank NFL for not listening to the people who have been asking EA to make an effort. Now most of you will say it was the Pandemics fault. Ok. What about Madden 17, 18 ,19 20? They all have the same game play issues. Dropped balls where the receiver isn't even trying to catch the ball. The offense still can't catch a tipped ball as often as the defenders intercept tipped balls. Corners not following the WRs on crossing passes thay everyone was doong with every QB in Madden 20. The QB can drop back to far and throw accurate passes. The movement after you hand the ball off feels forced, like its dragging you a certain way. No matter if you try and control. Im sure a day one patch should be on its way, but ill pass. This is the first Madden since 2004 I won't be buying. I should have started with Madden 17. Not again for the boi
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