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Known Issue | Madden Messenger not working on PC (Steam Client)

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Hey Madden Community,

Our teams are aware of a known issue related to Madden Messenger not working properly on PC for Steam. However, it is working properly for other PC configurations.

Our teams will continue to investigate this issue and we will update this thread once there is a new update.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- The Madden Team
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  • iverjr
    10 posts New member
    How about mut servers rejecting you from entering mut... 4 days now I have 4 hrs left on trial and I cant get into mut. And it's not my internet. Every other game mode works. Can u atleast address it since lots of people are having same issue
  • iverjr
    10 posts New member
    Or you could ignore your best customers but when it's a preorder thing u respond right away... paid for trial and didnt even get half in before glitch just boots me
    ... only seems to be in people that logged in on 20th if that helps you do your job better. Obv need all the help ya'll can get
  • I’ve bought every single version of Madden ever. Never been one to rag on the game. But literally every drive, I am throwing to open receivers who don’t even do a catch animation. Ball just goes right by them. This is crazy frustrating. For me the games not even fun. And I have enjoyed every year. Game feels hella broken to me
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