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EA Blue forward this please...

I am putting this out for anyone to comment on or add too or simply agree with. I was really hopeful that the basic punches would have some new animations. I’m talking mainly about the lead and rear hooks. I was really hoping for some variety with them. We get 10 different elbows, 30 different kicks and even the jab and cross have a couple different styles. Does anyone else want a couple different looking hooks? I have said all this before, but this is my last effort on the subject. Even just allowing our CAFs to have Wanderlei’s style hooks would be awesome. I’m sure that wouldn’t be too hard to patch in?? I know EA sometimes reacts when huge numbers of people ask for the same things. So I’m asking that anyone who would like some new style hooks and overhands that don’t look like the back of the fist is hitting the face (because of grossly over exaggerated turn over of punches) please second this motion. All the punches look like they contact with too much rotation. And certainly not everyone punches like that. Again just give us Wanderlei’s hooks please and I’ll shut up.


  • Amen!
  • Long as they don't look as awful an animation as wands. I think the hook is pretty generic in real life the only difference maybe come with the angle of the hooks
  • Wands have the fist position neutral instead of palm down turned over on contact. They also come from a lower angle. I’d just like to see some hooks like in UFC 2. They had like 6 different animations for hooks.
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