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Franchise deleted??? What the heck...

7 posts New member
if you delete an auto save franchise, it deletes the entire franchise even if you save it yourself

I like to keep as much memory clean as possible on my xbox one. I also play off line. So i saved my franchise and deleted the auto save file. It deleted both files and my franchise is completely gone. Two days of playing, franchise fantasy draft, multiple seasons, etc. is now gone. What a load of crap


  • Is that whats happening ? I can't load any franchise games, they just crash to the PS4 Main menu on loading for me.
  • Recon_NZ
    1 posts New member
    Yep this happened to me too - the whole franchise loading menu is awful - it doesnt even show the names of your franchise - if you are in multiple online franchises there is no way to tell which is which - please fix this Devs! Also please remove the auto-saves, showing them with the main saves makes no sense either.
  • Bump. Is this going to be addressed?
  • EA_Blueberry
    3942 posts EA Community Manager

    Raised it up to the team to be aware of. Thank you for letting us know this happens so others can also be aware.
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