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So when are we gonna be able to edit superstar abilities in franchise?

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Why is madden 21 now officially released and we still can't edit our superstar abilities in franchise. Why? Seriously why? It should have been in madden 20 and it da*n well should have been in madden 21. Its such a common sense and simple fix. How much dev time would it take? I bet you could get it done in a day if you get even half of the franchise team to focus on implementing it. This simple change will literally save HOURS of me have to go through loopholes to change the abilities so that they actually make sense. Lane Johnson is known for his pass blocking so why in God's green earth does he have run blocking abilities. If you actually do make it so we can edit the abilities please, please, please for the love of God don't do it halfway. Make it so when can edit every position and every x-factor and superstar ability. That being said sadly I still wouldn't be surprised if somehow the developers mess up such a simple feature somehow. Or we won't get it at all and it's just more empty promises from EA.

I physically cannot comprehend how you could not add ONE SINGLE THING in franchise for Madden 21. Like these developers actually had the audacity to release this game without any additions. We have been crying for YEARS asking to add this and that but every time, NOTHING. EA you have run out of excuses. You have the time, you have the money, you have the personnel. I truly have no words for this. They are urinating in our faces without the courtesy of calling rain. Please #FixMaddenFranchise
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