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My full Madden 21 review

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Hope this helps anyone on the fence of buying the game

GAMEPLAY (4 out of 10): To be very honest, whatever current gameplay EA is using needs to be deleted and replaced with a completely overhauled system. Zone coverage is COMPLETELY broken, defenders will let receivers just run uncovered due to misalignments in zone coverage. Player movement does not feel authentic, especially with receiver-defensive back interactions. Blocking schemes are a mess, players will often refuse to block and the offensive line resembles a wall instead of the realistic pocket that lineman move to form. The pass-rush is non-existent and edge defenders almost never try to attempt a strip-sack. The challenge-a-play system is broken, you cannot challenge holding, offside, pass interference, false start, etc. The only time you can challenge a play is when it is not clear whether it is a first down, but even then, sometimes you can't challenge that either. Overall, the game is heavily dependant on animations and scripting which makes it feel like the game is based on luck. On to the positives, tackling is improved, however very few break tackles trigger and guys like Nick Chubb or Derrick Henry will not run through 2-3 defenders like they do in real life. QB releases are much improved, this is a bright spot in gameplay. One thing I would tweak is to make it more likely to fumble when throwing it out of a sack which would allow for a decision on whether to just take the sack or risk throwing it and potentially losing the ball.

FACE OF THE FRANCHISE (2 out of 10): This mode is not anywhere near where you might think it would be based on the advertisement. The plotline is very cheesy and lacks personalization. Decisions often do not matter, no matter what you pick you generally follow the same plotline. For example, in high school, you learn about the starting QB's health condition right before a high school game. You, as the backup QB, have to decide whether to tell the coach about his health condition or keep quiet. If you decide to tell the coach, you end up playing beginning in the second half. If you decide to keep quiet, your character automatically decides to tell the coach in the 3rd quarter and you play then. A key point in the story's two decisions differ in just one-quarter of play. The gameplay is bad and the storyline so therefore the mode is bad. It's just not fun to play.

FRANCHISE (-500 out of 10): It's really that bad. Similar to FOTF, it just isn't fun and it isn't realistic and it lacks replayability. Here are all occurrences that I experience in just two seasons of franchise mode:
  • Lions drafted an RB in 1st round of 2021 draft even after drafting De'Andre Swift in April
  • Colts signed Kenny Clark to play Nose Tackle in a 3-4 scheme. They have DeForest Buckner
  • George Kittle signed a 10 mil/year deal for 5 years even though he signed a 16 mil deal IRL
  • Jags wouldn't give up Ngakoue for 2 1sts and a 2nd, even though Ngakoue is demanding a trade and he has virtually no trading market and the Jags are only looking for a 2nd
  • Quenton Nelson can be had for a 2nd round pick and some low-level players
  • I signed three mid-level free agents to inexpensive contracts and traded them for a 1st round pick
  • Some guys (especially corners) are stupidly hard to trade for, no matter what you give up
  • My 24-year-old, star development linebacker coming off a DPOY season was content with a 2 yr/4 mil contract extension

Now here's a list of features still not in the game, most of which have been included in previous Maddens:
  • Training Camp
  • Preseason position battles
  • Compensatory picks
  • Waivers
  • AI making blockbuster trades
  • Incentivized contracts
  • Ability to backload, frontload, and restructure contracts
  • Player trade requests
  • Scouting overhaul
  • Coaching carousel
  • Holdouts
  • Player workouts
  • Team chemistry system

Please fix it EA. Earlier, I posted a link to Deuce Douglas' article. Don't know why that was taken down but you should check it out (linked on his twitter).

SUPERSTAR KO (8 out of 10): Nothing was changed this year but for a mode that sells itself on arcade fun, it is very solid. Very fun pick-up-and-play mode that it is great fun for friends. The four-game tournament structure is a little too short I find, it isn't that exciting to win since it is only four games. It gets a little stale but it isn't bad at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm a hardcore football fan but I don't mind a little arcade fun. The problem is when the arcade fun becomes the entire game and it comes at the expense of realism.

MUT: Haven't touched this mode so I can't really review it.

THE YARD (5 out of 10): It's a fine idea, in theory, the problem is the quality is very disappointing. The mode is extremely buggy, the mode can be a little confusing at times and the mode is amorphous. The gameplay is exciting at first glance but the bugs and glitches really take that short-lived excitement away. For fans of The Park in 2k, this is not that at all. It's got a long way to go.

VERDICT: Simply put, this is not what you would expect from a company of this size. The attention to detail and care for this product is just not there. The gameplay is terrible, the franchise mode is terrible. It's a half-baked product. It can be very disappointing to see other sports games like NBA2K and MLB The Show have such in-depth career modes and franchise modes while still having the micro-transactions that the company needs. It's really a shame.

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