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Abuse of Patches

First, let me say I am glad we have patches. "Back in my day" none of that existed. You bought a game and you got what you got. Of course, I don't remember Tecmo Bowl being so glitchy but that's besides the point.

In the beginning, patches were designed so that after a game came out, the developers could fix glaring weaknesses or things that they missed. It was more for like "oh man... how in the world did that bug make it past our testers? We'll fix that." And that's a wonderful thing.

But now, these developers go into it with the mindset of "well, we will just put out whatever product we can put out and we'll just patch as we go along." As a professional, that is just shameful. I am a writer... I know I have editors to catch my mistakes but I try to submit a flawless draft each time.

Sports games just got to the point where they don't even care.


  • It's the way it's done now. The developer gets mass feedback and speeds up the process immensely. If we wanted to wait until all the bugs were out of something this complex it would be Christmas before it was released. In this case, I'm ok with that. There are some titles, e.g. Microsoft Flight 2020 that I'm waiting until the release is more stable before purchasing but from what I can see with my little experience with Madden this is ok and I'm having lots of fun playing it.
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