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In every Madden on PC, we've been able to do our depth chart, then go to save "Official" roster and it would keep our depth chart when we closed madden and later opened it up again.

Why does it reset it now? why??? that's 100% ruins the experience to have to re-do depth chart each time


  • Madden used to only replace the roster file called "Official" [where you save the depth chart] once a week/when there's an update.

    But now it redownloads it every single time you open the game, why??

    Saving the depth chart is very important.
  • Anyone???
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Do you have cloud saves enabled for your Origin client or is it being saved offline?

    Are you using this for online H2H? As far as I'm aware you can't make custom depth chart changes for Online H2H, you'll have to press start after kick-off and make adjustments. I believe that is for fairness/game balance so the opponent can always expect the same roster depth chart going into the game.

    If you're using it for a Franchise, why not save your custom changes to a new roster save file?
  • I'm using it for online H2H, it has always been an option on Madden. You simply save your depth chart on "Official" roster and each time you open it until there's an update once a week or so it keeps it even after you close madden

    And of course it's an option to change depth chart, i mean, it's right there in the H2H menu


    I didn't understand your first question "Cloud saves enabled for your Origin client or is it being saved offline?" - i didn't know that there are option, where do i look for this?
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    It's under your Origin client's Application Saves under Saves. Maybe switching to the other option will help. I'll have to follow up with the team on Monday regarding the official roster being reset if that's working as intended.
  • I see. Yeah, it's always been the same, even when playing on other versions of Madden so it should still be working.

    Thanks for talking to the team on Monday, looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!

    The issue seems to be that it keeps reseting the depth chart when you open madden, unlike in previous Maddens when you could do the depth, save on the "Official" roster and that will be permanently like that until an updated roster is up which replaces the roster entirely.

    But there's a big difference between re-doing depth once a week compared to every single time you open the game.
  • Yes, this is a very annoying issue. Every time I wanna play the game I have to reset the depth chart. I'm shocked this isn't bothering lots of other people.
  • Looking forward to hear from @EA_Blueberry about this... why did this bug started now all of a sudden? it's a MAJOR MAJOR issue.
  • I hope this gets fixed.
  • I feel the same frustration. Oh, well....
  • It is truly the very worst - huge, massive waste of our times to re-do it every single opening of madden.

    Any update @EA_Blueberry
  • This is still a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. This ruins playing online for me, I don't have time to reset my depth chart every time I want to play an online h2h game.
  • yes i also cant beleive they would let this slide......so many bugs at launch did you guys even test this before you put it on disks? likely not lol
  • so 20 yrs from now boost up xbox one w/o internet connection and slide this joke in the tray only to be reminded that they didn't test this game thoroughly enough or at even all. Most likely cause theyare worried about the new console and could care less about this version and maybe even made it a bit crappy on purpose to sway a few more to the next gen......
  • do us a favor for our 60 bucks and make it work soon ok? also bring back team play outside of MUT that microtransaction hellhole....dont act like we didnt already have it 8 years ago before you decided to taketh away only to giveth back a few years later in this horrible money making scheme game mode
  • hurtlacher
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    edited September 2020
    MUT IS a cash grab. Madden championships are a joke now too with these fantasy rosters.
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  • Hey @EA_Blueberry - any update?
  • I also can’t save Depth chart changes for the Xbox. When is this issue going to be fixed?
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