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  • Still no fixes for the ranking or stats not showing after 3 years, but please, at least fix this one. Please? Throw us H2H players a bone and maybe we'll stop complaining.
  • Date/time issue occurred every time i turn on madden
    What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
    Which mode has this happened in? Online head to head
    Summarize your bug Originally after setting my depth chart the way i like it, I would save over the official roster and each time I restarted the game my changes would be preserved until a new roster update would come out usually on thursday before the kickoff of that nights game. NOW each time I start the game this step needs to be done (setting of the depth chart). And if you try to save the roster, it makes you download a new one once you go into the h2h lobby area. It looks like another blatant attempt to water down the efficacy of a popular established mode in order to sway a few more dopes to MUT. Much like the dumping of the 3v3, and 2v2 team play modes with regular rosters that could be started up as fast as a H2H game; then having the audacity to bring it back exclusively in MUT. Look we all know there is no one else making football games. But someday there will be. And you better get your act together before then or THIS division of EA is F'd.
    How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
    Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? change depth chart; save over official roster; restart game; have to do over again OR change depth chart; save over official roster; enter H2H; forced to DL new roster
    What happens when the bug occurs? i lose valuable minutes of my life
    What do you expect to see? make it the way it was for the last 20 $%#@&! years
  • Is today's patch going to fix this @EA_Blueberry ?
  • I been a loyal Madden player since the first Madden game came out many, many years ago. My sons play and love ultimate team! I tried but can’t get into it because to compete you need to get into a never ending arms race of who has the best roster. So I love to play Regs but this resetting the roster each time is ****. EA should fix this ASAP and so some respect to the Regs community!
  • I agree, we need it fixed.

    @EA_Blueberry this issue isn't going away - people need you to fix it. It drives users away from the game. Can we get an update?
  • Still waiting for EA to fix having to re-save Rosters and advanced settings for H2H play. But nice to see the opponents stats back in H2H play for Regs in the last update. Thanks EA👍
  • @EA_Blueberry do we have any updates on the issue of resaving rosters adjustments and saving advanced settings for H2H Regs? Also a big Thanks for bringing back the opponents stats in H2H Regs in the last update👍 Lastly Could it be possible that changing EA play somehow affected saving all Rosters in Madden 21? Thanks
  • @EA_Blueberry Any chance we can get a fix when they fix the dropped passes bug? I noticed it wasn't corrected in the last patch. I know you have brought it up to the powers that be, but do you know if they intend to fix it? I'm hoping they will....

  • Save depth chart has been in Madden since the early 2000's....why on earth would you remove it now? That explanation makes absolutely zero sense. Why would you make the game harder....by design!!!??? There is nothing beneficial whatsoever with taking the save feature out. It literally makes the game much more difficult for no reason at all...I am baffled. We get the compare stats issue fixed and now there is this. We just want to play Madden online and not have to beg for basic features. Think you can do that? I am so ready for 2K's new game...sim or not, I am supporting them 100%.
  • @EA_Blueberry @EA_Roger @EA_Aljo @EA_David @EA_Cian

    Can we please have this issue fix? you are wasting important minutes from our lives each time we open madden!
  • Any update?
  • BusterTimeM
    46 posts Member
    edited September 2020
    splunka52 wrote: »
    Any update?

    The update is they don't care about anyone but money and it shows by them IGNORING us.
  • It's not even really a fix, just put it back the way it was for years.
  • That is so not fair.
  • Still no word about saving H2H rosters?
  • I believe the EA devs once again purposely did this to save face to the check writers...think about it its been the same for over 20 years then all of a sudden you can't save your own preferred line up? So, we all know this years game was half finished and sales were in the trash so why not find away to make it look as if people are still playing the game a lot make EVERY gamer across the board spend an extra 15-20mins (maybe more if using multiple teams) on fixing a depth chart every game to save face instead of fixing things broken like TD's not being recorded as highlights and the QB auto throws out of Weak and other 2WR 1TE 1FB 1HB sets if they made a decent and finished product from the start they wouldn't have to resort to these back door shenanigans like the consumers wouldn't notice something that's been a constant for 20 years SMH #NFLdropEA
  • I seriously can not wait unit 2K's game drops. I understand it will not be a sim, but hell, Madden is not a sim either at this point.
  • Playing online you only get 1 pause per half, so if I rush into a game and forget to edit my depth chart, I'm screwed... I wish @EA_Blueberry would confirm whether or not they plan to fix it. I know it's not his fault, but he at least seems to have the developer's ear.
  • @EA_Blueberry doesn't care, none of them seem to - LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING, STOP WASTING OUR TIME, at least respond!

    @EA_Roger @EA_Aljo @EA_David @EA_Cian
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