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Created players not showing up in offline franchise?

The way that I have played the game since 97. Is I create two players of each position.
I then start franchise mode with a fantasy draft and allow these created players to go
to whatever team gets them in the draft. I like to check up on the created players and
see how well they are doing throughout the seasons.

I create the players, save them after completion, and have them on a team.
Then I start the franchise and do the fantasy draft.
But my created players are no where in the draft, or on any team, after starting the draft.

Am I doing something wrong?


  • Have u saved the rosters w/ the created players? Sometimes thats an issue, as well as u having to import that roster I to the offline franchise.
  • Yes, I save the roster after each player is created. I also choose to import the roster.
  • Have u double checked to be sure the file is in use at the time. Sometimes u need to just upload the file again to be sure.
  • I will have to check on that. I never had to do that before. But that could be the problem.
  • Yeah it's a weird thing that happens w/ Madden. But who knows, all the players in NFL aren't even in the game right now, so could be that part of the game is broken.
  • Made sure file was loaded after creating a few test players with names I would not miss. Start franchise, and the fantasy draft, and none of the players are in the draft. They have ruined it for me Lost all motivation to even play now
  • It'd almost certainly be a glitch then. U PS4, XB1, or PC?
  • On PS4
  • RyanW_3529
    108 posts Member
    edited August 2020
    I'll see if I can replicate, or correct the issue.

    **Edit:** I got it to work for me. U using active roster or preseason roster?
  • Im not sure what happened. I tried one more time, and it worked.
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