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Glitches and things that need to be fixed in Madden 21:

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1. DBs teleporting unrealistically to recover on deep routes when they are beat by 3-4yds. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the NFL against a fast WR on a well thrown ball, and earlier today I had Marlon Humphrey teleport 3-4yds to swat a deep ball on Tyler Lockett. He literally teleported that distance in .10sec.
2. DEs or OLBs are slipping through two people immediately, unblocked, on the OL when on the edge. Looks like this is happening when they are in contain, but the TE/Ts aren't registering them and then the rusher gets nano-detected but it completely blows up the play.
3. Defensive user is waaaaaay too slow. I agree that it was OP last year but the dev team way overcompensated here. You can barely react to the offensive run game to fill the hole the RB chooses. If the offense can run at a certain speed, the defense should be able to as well. Meet us halfway between Madden 20 and what it is now.
4. DBs aren't reacting to the ball when thrown in their area even when their head is turned towards the ball.
5. Giving people 1 pause per half is ridiculous. I get 5 might've been too many, and I personally was fine with it. But people are giving up points trying to get their quick subs in the right places and when you only have one pause in the first half you can't set up. Either let people save sets somehow or give people 3-pauses in the first half and then maybe 1-pause in the 2nd half. Or before the first snap takes place for each person on defense allow the users a "sub timeout" or 1-min delay before the opponent is allowed to pick their play. Easiest fix: 3-pauses in 1st half.
6. They need to calm down Calais Campbell's ability because today I tried to run it and he took my 300lb LG that's rated like an 80ovr and literally picked him up and threw him 5-yards into the backfield. Nothing like this has ever happened in the NFL or football period.
7. Players downfield on offense don't block during the play sometimes. They will just walk around on screen as if they are at the mall or something.
8. WRs are wide open standing on the sideline and as soon as you throw the ball they run up-field into coverage causing ints. The code was great on this last year, when a WR or RB was open, he stayed in that area. As soon as I press the button he starts running up field and the only way to fix it is for me to pass lead down but then he’s running back towards the ball into underneath coverage or giving back yards.
9. DBs subbed in at LB positions are still taking on OL and standing them up consistently on run plays. If a DB could do this in real life he'd be the greatest DB of all time by a mile. I can see giving guys like Adams or Smith this result every now and then. But a 68over back-up shouldn’t be able to stuff the run. In reality, guys subbing these dudes in on Nickel packages should get steam rolled if lineman or good FBs get to them. Please stop allowing people to use trash FS/SSs at LB to stop the run.
10. Safeties coming up to play the run slow down 6yds before the ball carrier and stop, allowing the opponent to just run side to side to evade the player.
11. PI is also way too sensitive. You barely touch someone on the way to the ball and a flag is thrown. I hope this is an experiment and I hope the dev team notices that it's not working. In football both players have an equal right to the ball in the area and they need to give some leeway on contact here.
12. Glitch still exists where you audible and it swaps a WR and an OL.
13. DBs aren’t attempting to catch the ball when being usered. I’ve had multiple potential ints fly right over my head when usering and my guy didn’t even act like I touched the Y button.
14. Why are DBs still better at usering and Agg catching without dropping the ball over WRs that all have better catch in traffic and catch ratings? Seems like if they wanna keep it how it’s been, then at least let me be able to agg catch with my WR/TE when I’m clearly there first without dropping it 80-90% of the time. Aggressive catch for offense might as well not even be a thing.

More to come...
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