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Theme Team Suggestion

We should have the ability to put MUT players on "fantasy teams" where they can get the team chemistry of our choice. It should be limited, perhaps requiring the player to loose all other team affiliations, but this would allow people like me to use more players for a theme team instead of getting boxed into a very small number of choices.

What I'd really like to see is an upgrade that required training allowing me to put someone like Jerome Bettis on a team he never actually played for. I love Jerome Bettis from his days at Notre Dame, but I can't stand Jerome Bettis from his days at Pittsburgh. :neutral:

I feel like this would work really well I could remove his past team affinities (as a penalty that will keep me from min maxing team chemistry. We're already doing something similar for Team Diamonds in Madden 21.

Please consider.
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