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Frank Minnifield: Browns

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edited August 2020
Having Frank Minnifield in the game was a huge surprise! Really has made MUT a lot of fun for me. Nice seeing Joe Thomas come out today too.

Of course, now I'm wondering who else might show up?

Hanford Dixon? *
Eric Turner? *
Felix Wright?
Eric Metcalf?
Bernie Kosar? (19 speed?) *
Ozzie Newsome? *
Earnest Byner?
Kevin Mack?
Marion Motely?
Jim Brown?
Clay Matthews?
Dennis Northcutt?
Webster Slaughter?
Pepper Johnson?
Chip Banks?
Al "Bubba" Baker?
Carl "Big Daddy" Harrison?
Michael Dean Perry? *

Love to see all these guys. But I put a * next to my personal top 5 wish list. :smile:


  • WereRobber
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    edited September 2020
    Just checked the FGA Roster for Browns players that EA should have the rights for:

    Bernie Kosar (QB)
    Clay Matthews (OLB)
    Ozzie Newsome (TE)
    Dennis Northcut (WR)
    Jim Brown (FB)
    Bill Willis (DT)
    Len Ford (DE)
    Greg Pruitt (RB)
    Gene Hickerson (G)
    Mike McCormac (T)
    Bobby Mitchell (WR/RB)
    Frank Gatski (C)
    Lou Groza (T/K)
    Leroy Kelly (RB)
    Dante Lavelli (TE)
    Otto Graham (QB)

  • djmung
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    edited September 2020
    I like ozzie also like Jim brown as fb. Mdp is just fun to say
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