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Madden 21 Franchise Error Code CE-34878-0

After every game I play, when I hit finish game this error code will come up and crash my game back to the ps4 home screen. I can simulate games but if I play them or watch them in slow super sim they will crash when I hit finish game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times, I have initialized my PlayStation twice, I’ve rebooted it and done every other expert recommended step and it still crashes.


  • I'm having that same problem too
  • This issue needs to be fixed ASAP!!!! I have the same error code come up for me. For me it happens right as I'mm trying to play online H2H. As the game is trying to load to find you an opponent to play and you're during the load screen the game crashes, shows you this error message, and the counts the game as a LOSS for you online. It's absolutely ridiculous I have literally have lost 8 games online just this way. Spent too much money for this game for it to be acting like this. I'm very very very upset with EA for not fixing this problem.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thank you for reporting this our way! We've flagged it down to the team.

    Our bug report on this can be seen here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Madden-21-franchise-mode-game-crashes-after-trying-to-end-game/td-p/9448461
  • CJLondon99
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    It’s 05Sep 2020 and we’re still having this problem? Why isn’t there a patch for this yet?

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  • Still not fixed after update 1.05 - get your bloody game EA, can’t believe you still haven’t fixed such a major problem here by the 8th of September!!
  • When will this error code be fixed ?? EA has been a huge disappointment for several years now... BOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • I’ve got the same message after the last 3 games I’ve played. So now I have to play the same freaking game for the 4th time way to go EA. Maybe if I bought more of the yards Barbie clothes you’d fix this stuff.
  • Can we can get an update on when the error code will be fixed ???
  • Thanks for the update EA... I STILL CANT FINISH A GAME IN FRANCHISE !!!! ERROR !!! Fix this !!!
  • Error Message still being showed at the end of Franchise games
  • I am still getting this code after some of finished games in Franchise Mode. Whether played or simmed.
  • Got this error code in an online draft with my friend now. After making a trade up into the first round, the game will crash and provide this error code every time I try to re-enter that save. The save is absolutely unplayable now as I can't even get into any part of the franchise.
  • Im getting the same problem everytime im about to start a game on franchise mode, soon as i click ready it errors and i try 3 or 4 times again restarting the app and it does the same thing EA please fix this problem I really want to play!!
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    I'm having the same problem after I play a franchise game. I basically have to play each game twice unless I super sim the game. Update 1.08 and still the same crap!
  • Still waiting for an update on this issue. Had an awesome game today on my simmed game YouTube Channel, and then this glitch, we lost it entirely.
  • I too would like an answer on this issue... EA ??
  • It’s been 12 days since EAs last comment on this issue !! Embarrassing ! I’m disappointed I fell for it again and bought this terrible game. I WONT make the same mistake next year !
  • EA when is this error code gone be fixed!!
  • I’ve been asking everyday for weeks... EA doesn’t care... they have our money already...
  • Hey EA, Having this same issue, It started off occasionally, & now it is every time I try to play a Franchise mode game, doesn't even get past opening loading screen. I have tried all 5 of your "recommended steps" after already contacting support - I Even Initialized my PS4 (Which meant I couldn't play it the whole weekend) - It is ONLY your game that does this. & You aren't answering people who spent money on it with a real fix. Please provide an answer, or Refund!

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