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How do you import custom playbooks? Can I not use a custom playbook in franchise?


  • You can use them in the actual games via the advanced settings options just prior to entering a game but you can't set formation subs or anything like that for custom playbooks. This was an element of Madden 20 that was a bit frustrating and it looks like it hasn't been addressed for 21
  • rc117
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    I am having the same issue. It will not let me use the whole custom playbook I made. It only lets me use the plays I kept from the original playbook I modified, no new fortmations, sets, etc. Bigger issue is when I go into games my plays disappear half the time so I have no idea what I'm picking, its just three empty boxes. I shrunk my playbook down to 150ish plays, and am well below the max formations and sets and it will not work. I seriously cant even play the game because of the play choices being blank in game. Please fix this ASAP!
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