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[PC] RFL - ‘21 Coach Mode League (Can also join as a GM)

[PC] RFL - ‘21 Coach Mode League (Can also join as a GM)


* Madden 21 PC Coach Mode League
* Now allowing members to join as a GM/Coach or a GM only
* Custom Roster to better reflect that of the NFL
* Custom game sliders for a more realistic sim experience
* Custom XP sliders to ensure realistic players development
* Unique “RP” element
* Experienced Commish who has ran leagues since 08
* Very Active Discord that includes an “RP news section”
* Advance every 2 days
* In our 6th/last season with Madden 20
* Open Teams - check our Discord

What is Coach Mode? A mode in Madden in which all players, including the QB, move on their own utilizing their attributes. A user acts as a coach of the team where he makes all GM and coach decisions throughout the year, adjust the depth charts, makes trades, drafts, etc… During the game they would call the plays and make pre-play adjustments (line shifts, DB shading etc). Once the ball is snapped the user does NOT touch the controller for any reason; they allow the players (attributes) to decide the outcome of the play.

Why play Coach Mode? Football is like a chess match. Madden is a great simulation (if used properly). Coach mode is great for users who enjoy the X and O’s and dislike the “cheese” or “gimmicks” of traditional Madden play. This mode is usually for a more mature user one who enjoys a true simulation.

Website: https://rfl.enjin.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/srHBgaP
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