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Fantasy Draft Glitch

Some players aren't keeping number if available. DE's with numbers in the 50's like Melvin Ingram and Brandon Graham, MLB's and OLB's in 40's like Deion Jones and Myles Jack, CB's like Marlon Humphrey, FB's in the 80's Cethan Carter, I think RB's in 40's as well because if no number in 20's or 30's are available the go to a single digit number happens with LB's too when 50's and 90's are all taken they go single digit as well even though 40's are available.

Could you guys add retired Jersey numbers. For example, I should never see an Eagles or Lion in 20 (Dawkins & Barry Sanders) or a Packer in 4 (Favre) etc

I go over some in a google doc

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