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C'mon Man!!!

Why do you guys change things that actually work? DL shift, LB shift and DB shift were all working fine, now R1 and the left stick for GROUP defensive shifts? I may want to pack the D-Line, but spread LB's to prevent bounces to the outside. Or press DB's but keep LB's deeper for middle zones. Now the entire defense moves depending on my stick direction?

Pre-game stats with the head to head position players before game starts does not show player stats, it is empty with Test Line in it. Which tells me your QA before launch is lacking.

What is with the constant freeze when running cut scenes? I know there is a lot of data being processed, but I have not seen this type of freezing since Madden 13.

Luckily it's the only game available, because you guys are making it hard to remain a loyal fan of your game.


  • I also want to thank whomever that was that shared the Q Nelson trade issue. I got a 94 overall guard for a 3 round pick and a couple of mid 60 overall guys and two years left on his deal!!! Excellent trade logic!!!
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