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Commissioner Tools Wishlist

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The below is a collective of admin tools that commissioners from multiple leagues across multiple platforms have wanted and needed for some time.

Madden CFM Admin Tools List

*Ability to Reset Transactions

*Ability to turn off CPU transactions

*Ability to conduct Roster Management for teams without having to switch to that team

*Ability to reset the final outcome of a game (for rules being broken in a game but the person breaks the rules still gets the win and no ability to reset that outcome, especially during playoff time)

*Ability to suspend players for different lengths of time for rule infractions

*Ability to edit abilities

*Ability to turn off individual abilities IE those that can be deemed game breaking

Possibly more suggestions to come
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  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thank you for the detailed list, @SF_UsDarkmanx

    The team is planning on expanding Commissioner tools for 21 and Madden NFL 22. We'll pass along your list.

  • It’d also be cool to add some settings to the app, specifically injuries as I turn them off before force advancing
  • 😢 I turn off salary cap not meaning to on a league I help run I need it turn back on please it's a really good league the league name is Unde4d IC3MAN_7
  • DyeusVita
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    Ability to manage some settings from mobile. I like to turn off injuries before simming any games & it’d be nice to have that ability from mobile

    Please delete, duplicate
  • Should be able to re-enable the salary cap.
  • Ability to turn off the ability to see who's in the lead during the off season for Free Agent bidding. It's not realistic, and the winner shouldn't be the one who has no life and can sit around clicking up his bid each time he falls into 2nd place. It should be blind.
  • They should add these to franchise mode:
    1. Complete schedule editing
    2. Divisional realignment options
    3. Conference realignment options
    4. Team Rebrand options, like colors or logos
    5. Better options when teams move
    6. Better coach options
    7. Assistant coaches
  • Ahhhhh, nothing like having to wait 3 months for an unplayable game to add features that should have implemented at launch. An unplayable game that I foolishly spent 60$ on when I probably would have gotten it for free. Real classy EA.
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