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Franchise mode Bugs and Glitches issues

so i been running into alot of bugs and glitches which i hope it would be fixed by tommorrow or friday
in franchise mode during week 4 of the preseason when you go cut players i would cut 1 player then it glitches where there 2 of the same players and like nice and the it wont let me go forward or backwards we need that to be fixed fast.

then superbowl is supposed to say superbowl 55 not superbowl 54

then the announcer in franchise mode when in superbowl will say superbowl 53 not 54 or 55 but will say 53 i dont know why this is hard to fix or pay attention to

this is frustraited because this proves that this is a copy and paste and it dont look good


  • Yeah I had the same problem with cutting my players as well. Had to keep Xing out of the cut players menu and go back in at certain times. Crazy that this glitch is in there when Franchise is copy and pasted from M20 and to my knowledge, this glitch was never in the game before.
  • srek77
    5 posts New member
    When you play an offline franchise mode all the players in every team are missing some of their abilities. Except some quarterbacks all the other players having max 2. Is this intentional or is it a bug? I bought this game to play offline franchise and it is so frustrating.
    Another problem i have is that i dont find any community files in DOWNLOAD COMMUNITY FILES section. I play the game via steam client. Maybe the steam players don't have access to those files? The second problem is very common for many steam players!
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