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[PC] [18/32] OSPML - '21 Recuitment CFM (Play from title to title; 2 advances a week)

"Old School Players Madden League"
OSPML is looking for a few older or mature guys to join and take over an open team. We are a group of guys who have fun competing, and show respect to each member. We are looking for guys that want to be apart of a well-ran league. We had 5 seasons of Madden 20, and crowned our last Super Bowl champion yesterday, Sunday August 30th.
  1. Season 1 will start shortly after week 1 of the NFL.We are currently playing in a test franchise to fine tune the sliders.
  2. We have set advances every Wed & Sat (gives ppl w/lives, careers, and or families a chance to focus on real world and relax w/Madden).
  3. We strive for realism and NFL style gameplay with custom gameplay sliders that produce NFL type stats.
  4. We discuss updating rules, and each member may vote on rule changes.
  5. We promote player development with some unique tools designed to develop your players.
  6. We have custom draft classes that fit our franchise roster.
  7. All Madden, 8 minute quarters, league rules.
  8. Discord is setup and organized for quick access to info on each topic. News, Rules, Team Assignments, Free Agent signings, Trade Talk, etc.
  9. Active player movement with trades among Human teams only.
  10. I'm an experienced commish, and have been joined by two other commishes to continue the leagues transparency. We vote on needed league decisions.
  11. Open Teams are available on Discord under "Team Assignments."

If you're interested join our Discord channel and learn more.
Discord link: https://discord.gg/hNUmquT
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