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X-Factor & Formation bugs (Franchise)

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In my online “cloud” franchise league...
From the main screen, I scroll over one from “things to do” to “team”... I enter the “adjust lineup“ screen... Select my “defense”... scroll all the way over to the right.
I have 5 players with X factor abilities on my defense... but it says “1/3 zone abilities” and if I try to swap a zone ability it will take me to the proper screen but when I try to make that swap it DEACTIVATES the third person entirely and only shows 2 players under the zone ability area of the screen. It still says “1/3 zone abilities” and when in an actual game I can only get the two players XFactors to work. The third persons XFactors are rendered useless/nonexistent.
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  • In my online “cloud” franchise...
    I go from the main screen in the franchise...
    Scroll over from “things to do” to “team”...
    Scroll down to “my coach”...
    Scroll down to “formation subs”
    (I’ve made trades as well as have created players in the league and on my team specifically)
    When I go to any defensive formation to try to substitute players at whatever positions it might let me scroll through one or two guys before locking on that person and not letting me scroll any further. Sometimes it just locks on the very first person. I have to back out and try to go in to that formation again.
    (I am using the Rams but had changed my playbook to on defense to the KC Chiefs)
    This completely negates the formation sub option as I can’t switch any players in or out since I can’t even select a player to sub in or out.
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    The team is aware of this. We have a thread on this in our bug reporting forum here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Formation-Subs-in-Connected-Franchise-Broken/m-p/9459432#M1235
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