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MUT Player upgrade

Hello all,
New to madden MUT and wanted to know if anyone can help. I see some players have an 92 OVERALL Gilmore and other times 91 overall. How can I get my player after all the upgrades available have been used and he is only at an 89 overall ? How do i go about getting higher overall?

Thanks in advance !!!


  • Neo_Novalis
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    you get additional bonuses from adding chemistries to your team. for these chemistry bonuses you need the chemistry activated for the item of interest and enough other items in your lineup to reach better tiers. for instance, you get about +2 for physical attributes if you have a 50/50 theme team (i.e. 50 players of one team, whereas this year also the trainer item as well as the stadium and the two jerseys count for the theme team). other chemistries are for instance balanced offense, balanced defense etc.

    hope that helps
  • a bit more in detail: you can upgrade items by using training. there are some items (Power Ups) that have specific tiers that cost either training or other items of the same player. for instance, at the moment the best available item for Stephone Gilmore is his Core Elite (88) which can be used for the ultimate upgrade of his power up path. (I assume you did that already and now have him on 89?)

    additional bonuses are only possible if you also activate the chemistries and physical attributes for him and enough other items. team chemistries are fixed (but you can chose from the teams the player had already played for in his career. but this option is only available for Power Ups (and maybe some additional programmes in the future). offense/defense chemistries are arbitrary but they have different effects on players depending on their position. for instance, the rushing offense chem will have almost no effect for a QB's OVR. but these chemistries you have to activate for enough players in your lineup. the more players you have equipped with the chemistry, the better the chemistry bonus for all the equipped players. the same holds for the physical chemistries.

    you see the tiers of active chemistries on the right hand side below the superstar abilities in the lineup screen. if no additional chemistries are activated yet, you see at least the number of players per NFL team in your lineup.

    the effects on individual players is observable when you go to the item binder and "view item". the tab "attributes" shows additional bonuses for each attribute e.g. "+1" if active. if you chose "compare" in the item binder, you can also see which chemistries are actively impacting this item.

  • Man , Thank you for the very detailed info. So the more chemistry added and abilities , this will increase the overall of some players ? Thanks again
  • Neo_Novalis
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    yes. in rare cases it is even possible to get +3 overall (if all chems (team, physical and "normal chems") are perfectly chosen for a position). more exactly: it "was" so at least in M20. not sure how it will be this year as there seems to be a change how Coach Madden will work...

    You're very welcome! I am glad if I could help. Everyone has played MUT for the first time... ;)
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