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Please help theme teams in unsuccessful / small markets

If you try to make a theme team using one of the larger market teams (Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins) or recently successful teams (Patriots, Pittsburgh) you're going to have a huge competitive advantage over other theme teams. This reality is so painful and unfair, you simply have to do something to even this out in MUT.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. If you create a Dallas Cowboy theme team, you can have Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin on day one. You can also get a full offensive line and defensive line full of legends and elite players.

However, if you have a team like the Browns, you can get Myles Garrett on your defensive line and a bunch of gold players. By the end of they year, if you're lucky, you might get Jabaal Sheard, but you're probably not going to have anything near the power of the Dallas Cowboy defensive and offensive lines. There are just going to be huge gaps in your theme team because you're (EA) not providing enough choices for people like me that would really appreciate having a Browns theme team and being able to compete with "the meta".

Furthermore, theme teams really get messed up by not having skills and abilities that mesh well together. For example, if you put together a Browns theme team your offensive line will be a bunch of pass protectors. So when you get other players like Jim Brown (a power fullback) it doesn't make any sense to have this combination. Just like having Otto Graham (a play action passer) doesn't make any sense to par up with a bunch of route running players like Landry and Mccardell. Or if you're thinking about defense, having Frank Minnifield (a great man to man corner) playing zone in your Big Nickle G defense with Julius Peppers. I mean, there's no "concept" here that makes any sense because we're not getting the hall of fame power rushing offensive lineman from the 60's, we're not getting the dominate safeties of the 80's and 90's (Wright and Turner, for example) and we're not getting a collection of players that could form any type of team that can be competitive. It's really frustrating.

My only choice seems to be to make a hybrid "MUT" team using players I don't like, to create a team that runs a concept that isn't really supported in MUT. I mean if I wanted to run a power running game I'm going to get to choose between like two full backs in the entire game that are any good, while everyone else has multiple wide receivers to choose from so they can run bunch for the last 20 years.

End Rant.

Because I understand that obtaining enough IP to support 32 theme teams is probably unrealistic for the 1.5 billion dollars Madden (and MUT) generates, I propose that you consider finding a solution that at the very least increases Legends for under represented teams (LIKE THE BROWNS), but also allows for more theme team chemistries to be used on all players. That way someone like me could create theme teams and at least get the chem bonuses for my favorite team. My suggestion would be to allow all players to be "free agents" and once you at a team chem to the player it can no longer be changed, ever, even if you sell it off. So for example, if I get Larry Allen I can make him Brown, but if I sell Larry Allen he stays a Brown forever. I think this would actually be good for the MUT card market because then the under rated teams would have a lower entry cost on the open resale market, and the "popular teams" would pay a premium for their favorite team chems. Which in turn might help support the under supported teams and let you (EA) know if teams and players are actually popular or if the way you designed MUT is just making it look like theses players are popular.

Please consider.


  • There are 16 former Browns on the NFL's HoF list.

    Most Notable:
    Earnest Byner (RB)
    Eric Metcalf (WR/KR/PR)
    Michael Dean Perry (DT/DE)

    Make it happen EA! These three dudes have to be in Madden 21. I need Michael Dean Perry blowing up double team blocks in the A Gap. I need to see Eric Metcalf haunting Pittsburgh theme teams.

    I need Earnest Byner to show people he's more than just "the Fumble", a lot more. Dude could do it all, block, run, catch. One of the most complete players to ever step on the field.
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