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This Is The Worst Lead Blocking In 5 Years( Which is saying something)

Please do something to fix the horrid lead blocking. Its linemen, receivers, tight ends, running backs, defense on interception returns, punt return, kick returns, EVERYBODY. Its actually somehow worse than madden 18 and oh my god I never thought it could get worse than Madden 18. Look at the plays. If you have a bad play or a touchdown that gets held to just a first down most of the time it's because of the trash lead blocking. I can't even tell how many times I've seen a lineman LITERALLY stop in midfield and run the opposite way of the play instead of just blocking the person in front of him.

Why is this still happening? Its 2020 and its madden 21. We shouldn't be having these issues. Just fix it. You said you fixed it when you added the lead block rating. Clearly you didn't so just fix it.


  • HawksNest87
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    Would you like to know why offensive line play is so bad? Well first of all, the Frostbite engine is not made for sports games whatsoever. But it's also people like Clint Oldenburg who have no idea how to make a functional football game. When you have a guy like him developing, a former offensive lineman whose playing career can be summed up by 'was drafted by the Patriots and was subsequently cut by them, followed by getting cut by a handful of other NFL teams, until he was finally cut for the last time in his career by a CFL team'... his playing career was as bad as his development skills. So when you have a failed offensive lineman developing 'simulated' offensive lines.. do we really have wonder why offensive line play is so unequivocally bad in Madden?
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