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Pregame show

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I usually skip this but I’m hoping with next gen power & SSD’s you can enhance this. Go over the key players stats, trends & playoff picture.

Once in playoff & super bowl really go out on pre game stats & hype up the games.

Also I usually only watch it once I build a new stadium as it’s the only real time I get to see it. It’d be nice to have create a stadium back but with next gen it’d be great to show more cutscenes of the outside of the stadium & stuff in the pregame


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    Hey, @DyeusVita

    You are posting under the Madden NFL 17 board. If you are looking to to have new features for Madden NFL, I recommend posting under the Madden NFL 21 boards as the team has shifted away from adding new content from Madden NFL 17 to focus on newer titles.
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