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Linebackers blitzing for no reason

Anybody else having this issue... Linebackers just blitz for no reason and leave their zones...EA needs to fix this asap


  • Yes and man coverage as well. Many times I see a player is wide open but no one too switch too because he blitzed.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    49erswc wrote: »
    Anybody else having this issue... Linebackers just blitz for no reason and leave their zones...EA needs to fix this asap

    Can you record a clip of this happening and post it here for us to review? Please record it while it's happening live and not from the instant replay section.
  • Ok I will
  • dashj13
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    I too have experienced this. It seems to be most pronounced when attempting to control a D-Lineman. Frustrating.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Just so you're both aware, the right stick is now used to commit to the run this year. I think some players are hitting the right stick thinking the controller layout is the same from last year.
  • I've been hitting the right stick alot
  • So hitting the right stick makes the the linebackers commit to the run no matter what? But isn't the right stick for the D-line too?
  • I'm having terrible issues with this too. When you watch the replays one of the middle LBs will drop into their zones (or start to follow their man in man coverage) then all of a sudden they leave their assignment and run towards the QB leaving their man free for a big gain

    It appears to be when you try and rush the QB using the bull rush.

    Are you saying that mid play if you move the right stick down like you are doing a bull rush the LB will rush toward the QB?
  • EA_Blueberry
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    If you hit the controller button to audible it will show it on the menu. The right stick determines what side you want to commit to the rush to.
  • Thanks.

    I'm not pressing anything pre-play. Not audibling or touching the right stick. The play starts and then I push down on the right stick to bullrush. If you watch the replays one of the LBs will drop into their zone and then at the crucial moment suddenly decide to rush the QB, often when they are 10 yards off the LOS.

    Here is an example.

    <a href='https://vimeo.com/456459795'>https://vimeo.com/456459795</a>

    Does the right also cause LB during a play to read run? Is is also down like you do for a bullrush? What am I doing wrong as it is ruining playing defense for me?

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm in Scotland so there will be a delay in any response.

  • https://vimeo.com/456459795
  • Here's another example. This time man coverage and using a speed rush.

  • Make sure you're not clicking the right stick (as in pressing the right stick down towards the floor, not as in when you bull rush). Gamers may be doing this by mistake, as I haven't encountered this. I mainly control a MLB, so I don't rush much, which could be another reason that I haven't noticed it. Could definitely be a glitch when pass rushing, but I've noticed that people don't know that you can click RS to go after scrambling QBs.
  • Thanks NOMOMERCY09. I am quite heavy handed on the controller so that could well be the issue. I didn't know that was a feature. Could be a real issue for me as during the "heat of battle" its really easy to push the RS. I'll experiment and see if thats what is happening.

    Really appreciate the suggestion as this us driving me nuts. I'm being shredded by bad QBs cause guys are wide open.
  • Yes that was indeed the problem. I remapped R3 to one of the D pad buttons and it is no longer happening. I then tested on a pass play what happens if I press that D pad button and I see the LB leaving his assignment.

    I'm very grateful for finding the cause.

    Really not an ideal set from EA to have that feature on right stick that is now getting bashed about as part of the pass rush moves. I can see on other games that there are plenty of people who accidentally press the RS button and it causes issues so I know I'll not be the only one who has a problem with this in Madden. Doubt they will remap the RS button to something else but I can only hope. The current remap I have is less than ideal.

    Thanks again.

  • So weird EA would do that....So what exactly did you do to fix it...How did you remapped the R3 ?
  • If you go to Settings on your PS4 (not in Madden on the machine itself). Then go down to Assessibility then there is an option to remap the controller. I remapped R3 to the left D pad as that was the one that causes the least hassle. The remap affects everything so you have to switched it on only when playing Madden and then switch it off again. Its going to be really annoying. Any time I push down on ghe right stick I seem to push R3 so this seems like the only way I can play the game this year.

    With the left d pad mapped to R3 it does mean to have to use R3 to move back left when scrolling through formations. It also means you need to press R3 to bring up d line shifts and use the left button to close audible menus etc. Really not great but all I can think to do. Game isn't playable for me otherwise.

    Hope this helps.
  • Ok thanks
  • [quote="49erswc;d-262780"]Anybody else having this issue... Linebackers just blitz for no reason and leave their zones...EA needs to fix this asap[/quote]

    I'm having the same issue. Both in man coverage and zone. My linebackers leave their coverage to blitz and the receiver ends up burning me for a huge game. So annoying. definitely got to fix this issue.
  • I've had this issue for a long time and it's not just linebackers. I'm trying to rush the passer with one of my d-lineman and my linebacker or cornerback will leave his man and blitz the QB. It gets so bad sometimes I have to stop usering my d-line.
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