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MUT Solo Season mode is an absolute must-have!

in short, from my perspective (ok, not as short as I wanted it, but...):
* MUT is a mode combining two features: (1) collecting items (incl. completing sets) and improving your team, and (2) playing football with your (theme) team (hopefully for fun)
* both features combined: players play MUT to gain rewards to improve their lineup
* this motivation (gaining rewards) incentivises to optimise the strategy in H2H games just to gain as much rewards as possible; the faster the better => it is probably not about having fun during the game, but to gain the rewards afterwards, i.e. optimise your strategy (for instance by watching youtube videos or similar) and do always the same
* that is the main reason why I do not like playing H2H in MUT (neglecting the fact that I do not want to compete with others but just want to play with my theme team and try to adapt my strategy depending on the opponent)
* at the moment, there exist only MUT Solo modes that either (often) provide incentives not to imply "meaningful" football strategies (Solo Challenges, Solo Battles), or do not allow to play with your lineup (Solo Draft). in the first case, incentives are somehow similar to H2H... and in the absence of Solo Battles, you are even more limited if you just want to play Solos with your team.
* I'd therefore really prefer a MUT Solo Season mode which could be repeated as often as you want (other than Challenges or Solo Battles) and therefore allows mistakes or even lost games. Just start another season and have fun! vary your game play! try something new! and just enjoy your (theme) team without being dependent on H2H matchmaking or other weired, football-atypical incentives!!
* I wrote a lot of thoughts on that already at M20 and do not want to repeat all of that (see https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/258046/mut-season-mode-vs-cpu). But one additional argument would be that such a mode would require a lot less time and efforts from the dev team as soon as it is implemented (maybe just update the 32 lineups which would be anyway related to bringing in new items)

and if you are not bored yet, some more thoughts (well, I'm obviously waiting for Solo Battles much too long ... ;) ):
since Solo Battles are still not online, it is even more obvious that a Solo MUT mode is missing where you can play with your MUT team without having to compete with others in a H2H mode. ok, Solo Challenges are nice, but you most often have the incentive to do something weired (in terms of football strategy) to complete all targets (for instance, if you have to get 3 turnovers in one game, you punt every time you have the ball on first down; or just run down the clock because you should not risk to allow your opponent to gain a specific number of yards...). and as soon as you completed the Challenge, it makes little sense to repeat them since you will not gain any rewards anymore (ok, if you want to improve your career stats... but who else is such a MUT nerd as I am? ;) ).
similarly, you have incentives to repeat a few plays that work (almost) every time in Solo Battles, just to maximise the score and reach better reward tiers or even to climb up the top 100 ladder (nobody can tell me that the top 100 players are varying their plays (as I also did not last year and was most often top 100 (on PC), at least if I did not have a DNF due to discconections ... well that happened 28 times or so over the year. ... yes, really! and of course, there are for sure a lot of players using glitches. I would not care about the misuse of glitches, but since these glitches most likely are highly relevant for the top 100 list and therefore have an impact on the rewards of other players, it is very frustrating. anyhow, I did not and will not make use of any glitches!).

well, both modes (Solo Challenges and Solo Battles) become pretty boring over time. so, why not just playing H2H? for me, there are a lot of reasons why I would prefer to play a Solo mode. I just had two games in a row where my opponents (two different players) played in total 3 different plays on offens (run, pass, screen). and yes: both players used absolutely the same plays! always the same. with lamar jackson as QB, Bo Jackson as HB ... (I would have quit the second game, but it was my super bowl match... and I lost it... &§((§$/" ) or the other way round, playing against a fully staffed defense with CBs having a speed advantage +3/5 over my receivers (ok, I could also invest my coins in Tyrek, Bo, etc. but I just want to play with my theme team!).... and facing man coverage all the time... ok, this time it was fun because I was able to win at the end due to a winning field goal... and it was even more satisfying as my opponent felt that he had to do several taunting animations when I was not able to stop Bo...

but nope, overall I do not like to play H2H (or even worse: weekend league where I very often face the combination of both optimised teams and optimised plays. it is no fun to know that every mistake counts because your opponent will score every time. I'd really enjoy just playing the game with my team, trying some new plays, varying the strategy depending on the opponents' strength and weaknesses, being able to think about the strategy before starting the match (which e.g. is not possible (or at least very limited) in H2H because you do not know your opponent), enjoying improving the lineup.... and if I do not qualify for the playoffs? who cares? I could start a new season.


  • PS: I really like the MUT mode just because it combines both mentioned features: collecting and playing! I really enjoy the game and I think M21 is a real improvement compared to M20 (although I agree, there are still a lot of bugs to be solved). But to optimise the fun, for me a MUT Solo Season mode is an absolute must-have!
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Great post and can't wait to hear what others think about this! Curious, do you play Madden NFL 21 Mobile too? It's Ultimate Team based and they have a season mode on there. Online H2H games are considered the "season mode" within MUT, but it sounds like you want a blend of Franchise in it.
  • @EA_Blueberry
    thank you for your reply! I think the main reason why I'd really love to have a MUT Solo Season mode is that I do not like playing H2H and there isn't really an alternative mode allowing playing with my lineup just to have both fun and rewards.

    I did all Solo Challenges in M20 and M21 (so far I managed to complete them collecting all stars...) and also played all Solo Battles last year (ok, I did not finish a lot of them due to disconnect DNFs...). However, frankly I have to say that I'm playing them just for the rewards. Since last year, I mainly enjoy the "collecting" feature of MUT but do not really have fun "while playing". and that is just because the incentives in both modes are counterproductive to really enjoy the full bandwidth the game has to offer.

    but I really see a lot of improvements in M21 compared to M20, although I agree there is still a lot to do to fix some bugs and to further improve the balance in the game. I also had a few H2H games recently that were real fun (in terms of: (1) they were close (good matchmaking) and we really played full four quarters, (2) my opponent also adapted his/her strategies (i.e. the chess-factor of football was there), (3) in general, the game seems to me to be better balanced than in M20 (in particular playing both run and pass is fruitful, and I was not run into the ground by one and the same play all the time)). however, I don't like not being able to control who i play against (=> H2H). and I do not mean "I want to chose my opponents", but I want to be able to think about the strategy a bit in advance (take a look at my opponent's lineup), adapt the difficulty level to my skills (not too easy and not too difficult), vary the plays, try something new and just enjoy the game.

    one more reason why I think Solo Seasons would be a good idea are it's repeatability if you could choose your slot in the schedule (ie. which NFL team you want to replace in what division) and if the other teams are updated as soon as new items come to MUT (should not require additional efforts as soon as the mode is implemented, since team chemistries exist). on the other hand, there is just a limited number of Solo Challenges (and each challenge has to be designed by EA which of course requires some efforts...) and Solo Battles are also not repeatable (that's also one of the main reason why it incentivises to optimise your strategy: you just can get the rewards once).

    one more thought on repeatability: at the moment, the game strongly rewards better players. the better you are, the more you can gain. I have no problem with that at all in general, but if your skill level is average (or lower) it is really difficult to gain coins, training etc. if you are not able to complete additional objectives in Solo Challenges, it is useless to repeat them. if your skill level (or your OVR lineup) just allows you playing on the rookie difficulty level you are really just limited to the comparably low level of rewards. and if this is the case, you will also not be able to gain any satisfying rewards in H2H that are worth the time playing ... (and I say this because if everybody has the chance to gain (satisfying) rewards just by spending one more hour playing, than it would also have a positive effect on cheating: if you can gain coins and training while having fun playing, why should I cheat at all? (and if there are still some cheaters why should we care then? they then deprive themselves of their fun...). from my perspective, a MUT Solo Season mode would allow for repeatability and allow a lot of additional positive sideeffects.

    and one reply on the statement: >>> Online H2H games are considered the "season mode" within MUT, but it sounds like you want a blend of Franchise in it. <<< it is not that important to me that it is a franchise-like Season mode. I think there is just a mode missing that allows for enjoying all facets of the game while playing MUT (and hopefully does not cause additional maintenance efforts for the EA team). my proposal of the MUT Solo Season mode most likely originated from the fact that I wanted to play a "normal" season, but building up a team in franchise while having fun working on my MUT lineup was just too much "work". and I think it is also a bit less satisfying to play with a franchise team while you invested a lot of time (and maybe money) to improve your MUT lineup.

    finally, thank you (@EA_Blueberry) also for your hint regarding Madden Mobile! I did not spent a lot of time yet to think about it just because I try to avoid starting to use my mobile for playing. I already spent really too much time playing on PC. :D and maybe I'm already just too old for this innovative stuff... ;)

  • Neo_Novalis
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    one more thought, why a repeatable MUT Solo mode with some rewards is missing: at the moment, players are limited to the Solo Challenges and Solo Battles if they want to play with their lineup and do not want to play H2H. as soon as you have finished the Solo Challenges (no matter whether you are able to complete them on the most difficult level incl. additional objectives or not) there are just the Solo Battles left. I started playing on August 28th and had finished all available Solos on Sept. 5th (incl. all additional objectives). Ok, I most likely have spent more time playing it than the average but what to do now? there is no Solo mode available that can be played at any time if you do not want to play H2H. I did some H2H games, got some wins but I already have enough of it again. it's just annoying to see how players start to recognise which plays are unstoppable in the game, share it on youtube, twitch or whatever, and you face these plays in H2H all the time (not yet, but I already see this trend in the few games played so far).

    the inavailability of a "always-playable mode" holds in particular if you do not want to be dependent of any internet connection issues, either stability or speed. at the moment I'm really %&(/§$&/ of Solo Battles. just played my 8th game this week. I was not completely satisified with the result but I won without great difficulty and I was on my way to rank top 3 or at least top 5 in the current ranking on PC (if the score of the 9th game will be almost similar). well, I finished the game, loading screen, "server cannot process your request" and Solo Battles are inactive now again. I'm pretty sure what is coming: "DNF"!!! I had 28 or 29 DNFs last year just due to these &(/"!&$(/"%! server disconnects! I just want to play this game (which in principle allows for a lot of fun if you can play "real football" in terms of strategies, incentives, etc.) and try to improve my team. but the fun of playing the currently available Solo modes is really not satisfying if there is no complementing mode.

    and regarding the "server cannot process your request": I finished my game half an hour before the announced server maintenance (which was not announced in game, just on twitter, but well...) and Solo Battles were gone...

    CORRECTION: the Solo Battle game was counted, but only 4 hours afterwards.
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    after trying House Rules today (I think overall this alternative rules are real fun!) and starting 3 Weekend League games, I frankly have to say, I do not see why it should be funny to play 9 out of 10 H2H games against Lamar Jackson. either he is unstoppable because he is amended with either fully upgraded Zeke or Bo and of course Gronk, Ertz or Kelce or the opponent just plays the twitch/youtube money plays (or even worse a combination of both) ... well, against both categories of players I'd say I got about 50% wins in house rules. I gave up all three WL games before half time just because it is just boring to see how Lamar either runs for 30 yards or throws after 15 seconds from the sideline to the then open receiver just because none of my defenders is fast enough to pressure him. and yes, I know there exist defenders that are fast! and I could buy them easily with my available coins. but I just want to play with my theme team. I do not even have a player as fast as Lamar! and he is even more accurate when he is throwing crossbody on the run than my QB inside the pocket without any pressure...

    I really miss any variable strategic factor (i.e. the "chess factor") in it. it gets just boring (and annoying) after a few games. a meaningful, repeatable Solo Mut mode is really missing...

    ps: sorry, if this comment comes across too sarcastic or negative!
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    I'd like to add some thoughts on objectives (i.e. bonuses) to implement a meaningful system of rewards for MUT Solo Seasons. Objectives in a MUT Solo Season mode could consist of two types of "challenges":
    * seasonal objectives (i.e. rush for 1000 yards, pass for 4000 yards, etc.; maybe with a bronze/silver/gold tier similar to Face of the Franchise goals for XPs last year; I did not play FotF in M21 yet, but most likely these goals are still there). these seasonal objectives might also be randon in order to provide incentives to vary your playstyle. In addition, players might get specific packs if they make the playoffs or win the Super Bowl (depending on the difficulty level)...
    * objectives per drive or for specific important moments of a game (e.g. 3rd or 4th down, game-winning drive in 4th quarter, etc.). These goals per drive (or important moments) would prevent you from only having an interest in running down the clock once you have achieved all goals of a game. these goals might randomly appear during a game and would therefore also keep games that have already been decided (either win or loss) to be interesting. every moment you can get a new objective that allows you gaining some more coins (in Face of the Franchise it is possible to gain XPs; should be similar to that). I'd assume the rewards for these drive-specific objectives should not be too high, but if you play a full season, the rewards accumulate so that every moment of playing is worth it.

    I think the second type of goals would make this game/mode very interesting. if you miss a goal or just do not want to do what is required: no problem at all, because there will be another chance on the next drive! just play and have fun doing it! and if your playstyle fits to the goals, even better! and if you just want to finish the game fast, it is also not a problem. the rewards are mainly linked to the time you spend playing the game...
    I think these goals per drive (or moment of a game) would provide much more fun than objectives per game, even if rewards are higher in the latter case: if you are not able to complete the game's goals, playing it may feel like wasting time ....

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    just played the one TOTW challenge. was happy to play with my MUT team and vary my gameplan depending on the defensive formation I face. the good thing is, at least in Solo Challenges you can play with your MUT theme team, using your playbook and just have fun playing and earning rewards. wait! where is my playbook??? and well, "200 coins"??? and a set one isn't even close to complete without investing a lot of real money??? I assume I should stop here before I write something that I will surely regret afterwards...

    this TOTW "content" is just another proof why a repeatable MUT Solo Season mode is absolutely necessary!

    EDIT: sorry for being sarcastic! but at the moment I'm really disappointed that there is no opportunity for me to have real fun playing with my MUT team...
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  • just calculated how much coins players can earn from new content per week at the moment if one is not interested in playing H2H: about 100.000 coins, 45 footballs, 2 Hail Mary packs, 2 Midfield packs, 2 Redzone packs, and 1 Gridiron Pack (incl. Solos from Ultimate Kickoff, Legends and TOTW promos, completing the weekly and daily MUT Dedication objectives, and assuming that one is able to reach Legend Tier in Solo Battles).

    that's really a huge amount of rewards! so, players are able to buy 2 packs (excl. Gold Players or Players) and 1/2 Ultimate Kickoff player per week just by playing!!! that's really ... unbelievable! [be careful: sarcasm alert!]
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    my desire for a MUT Solo Season mode gets bigger with every H2H match (and I do this only since there are no other alternatives to play with my lineup). to see the overperforming Youtube-and-Twitch-formations, plays and players every time, ... in particular when I got beaten just because of inaccurate passes by my theme team QB while my opponents' Lamar throws on the run cross body fully accurately ...

    and of course see this &(§"$%()"!§&$ taunting animations afterwards...

    EDIT: I do not want to blame my opponents for doing that, not at all! it's just not my understanding of fun while playing ...
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  • one more idea on MUT Solo Season rewards and rankings: I assume a lot of (or maybe most of) the players want to compete in one way or another. In Solo Battles, there is the top 100 ranking where you can gain huge rewards for optimising your score. I really do not like it for Solo Battles since it mainly rewards glitch users and players who do money plays all the time. I would not care at all if they impact their own fun only but since glitch using heavily impacts other players too (i.e. every glitch user "steals" one position in the top 100 ranking) it is just annoying for everybody else.

    However, I do not have any issue if there exists a top 100 ranking if it is independent of any rewards. i.e. your rewards only depend on your performance no matter how many other players have scored better than you. this could also be the case for a MUT Solo Season mode. the rewards you get for finishing a MUT Solo Season depend on the difficulty level you have chosen and whether you won the Super Bowl or did not win a game. on the other hand, I also think of a ranking (over all players) which takes into account your own team's OVR and the difficulty level (incl. your opponents' OVR which are the 32 teams in their currently available lineup). for instance, if players can change difficulty settings by reducing their own OVR (for instance reducing attributes in percentage points), they might get a higher MUT Solo Season score than another player who has the same lineup but did not increase the difficulty level (i.e. playing without any OVR deduction). in principle, if it is done by percentage points, the deduction, or in other words the difficulty level could be infinitely increased. this way one could challenge oneself again and again. if the personal highscore is somewhere listed (without rewards during the year) players can evaluate themselves and their performance compared to others. and maybe there could also be a special reward for the top players at the end of the MUT year ...
  • Or even seasons ...with stats.... With my mut team vs nfl. Kinda like fantasy but my team. I would play alot more.
  • Or even seasons ...with stats.... With my mut team vs nfl. Kinda like fantasy but my team. I would play alot more.

    Exactly! :) something like that I also had in mind. thank you for your feedback!
  • I have been watching the prices of the Madden 50 items in the auction house (on PC) since the introduction of the promo. if you want to buy both the PU and the Stacked Player item, it costs you 600k of coins and above. if you want to complete the set of 32 Fresh Player items, it is even more. and I assume if you buy packs in the store to get one of these items, ... no, I do not want to think about the coins you need.

    if I compare these prices with rewards you might gain by playing Solos (incl. Solo Battles (Legend Tier), Solo Challenges, Daily and Weekly Missions), it takes 5-6 weeks to get one of these players (PU and Stacked). and I did not even consider the required training to upgrade the PU... it might be a bit easier if you are able to rank top 100 in Solo Battles. but these rewards are only available for 100 players...

    Therefore: the MUT mode really needs a Solo mode that could be repeated as often as you want. I really do not get it why one could gain these tons of rewards in H2H, but in Solos it is so limited? a MUT Solo Season mode is an absolute must-have!
  • @EA_Blueberry

    I totally agree with the ideas in this thread.

    I would love a mode where we could play against high overall CPU teams on Competitive mode where the CPU has more challenging players to defend and face on offense. A solo season mode would be perfect for someone like me (and it sounds like others) who relax by playing against the CPU but also want a challenge. It would be great if it was similar to CPU MUT draft or CPU squads in Madden 19 with full games (4 minute quarters or so) to play with your MUT team against the CPU. You would get an idea of how good your team really is since as a solo player you only typically play against high overall teams during the weekly Legend challenges and Solo Battles.

    I would greatly enjoy such a mode with accurate quarterbacks, who also challenge you deep more often. As the CPU tends to take the check-down far too often and/or gives up. The CPU also makes poor decisions and clock management quite often. I've seen them throw to a route just because it was open on 4th down with the game on the line with little to no chance at getting the 1st down. One of the newer Hail Mary plays with the out routes. Also they sometimes will do a screen or draw on distances such as 4th and 10 or higher.

    Basically, it would be great if we had a structure similar to h2h seasons but playing the CPU instead.

    Is this possible or in the works?

    Thank you for reading.
  • Any word on this being worked on?

    Please. It would be so much fun for users who don't enjoy playing head to head.
  • unfortunately, I haven't heard or read anything yet that would make me suspect that they are thinking about that. after a new community manager for the Competitive Community was presented in Good Morning Madden recently, I'm afraid that MUT Solo modes are completely neglected in terms of further developments.... :(
  • it is so annoying that there is not a single MUT Solo mode available which offers fun in the long run.
    • Solo Battles: doing one and the same all the time again, and again, and again (otherwise it is almost impossible to get satisfying rewards => top 100). no challenge at all (because you do the same again and again, and the AI does not do . getting frustrated by facing bugs, DNFs or unlucky 'really???' animations
    • Solo Challenges: no challenge at all as soon as you know how to beat the defense and your team is strong enough. sometimes weird objectives. highest difficulty is sometimes Arcade => fumble on almost every user tackle, only weak opponents; abilities and x-factors disappear; you sometimes cannot play with your full lineup or playbook; ... much too easy, if you are a bit experienced in this game;
    • H2H: very poor match-making; 90% of my games end by the end of the first quarter (=> I have no idea why rewards for H2H wins are so much higher than for Solos?); timing is completely different and laggy from game to game (I see it even in the play selection menu: everything reacts slower...); if there is a good match of opponents, the connection is not good enough to have a challenging game; the only thing that matters: speed! and besides all of that: I simply do not want to compete with others! I just want to enjoy the game and feel the strategic factor...
    • Draft modes: not interested at all. I want to play with my lineup and playbook.

    More and more I ask myself: why should I continue to play this mode? it's just a pity that this strategic game is reduced to a ... lottery => pack content, Solo Battle DNFs, H2H match-making, whether you get your rewards at all, ...
  • I thought the Team Infinity Challenges were like a regular season? I never completed the early ones as they are full games verses every team which would take forever. I did do the team infinity challenges which gave me a 91 Nat and 92 which took a while.

    Team infinity Series 1 and 2 are like full seasons. I did pretty much all the other challenges in the game but these as rewards are not worth my time and I grind on this game daily.
  • Neo_Novalis
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    hm, ...

    first, thank you for your opinion and feedback @jaymoe316 ! :)

    agree, the Team Affinity Solo Challenges allow playing against each of the 32 NFL teams. and yes, these challenges are complete games. but, ...
    1. they are not repeatable in terms of rewards, i.e. you get rewards only for the first completion (of bonus objectives).
    2. they offer incentives to chew the clock to complete the game as quickly as possible to get the rewards. and maybe to avoid the opponent to e.g. gain too many yards or score a TD which may prevent the achievement of an objective.
    3. they are quite easy (even on the highest difficulty level) once you have at least a little experience with the game and your team is sufficiently strong.
    4. in order to complete these Solo Challenges (incl. the bonus objectives) you only need a small set of plays. these games become quite monotonous as soon as you have found your strategy that beats the AI in almost every situation. it's a pity that the AI is not adjusting its strategy at all, even if it is beaten all the time with one and the same play...

    what I'm dreaming of when thinking about a MUT Solo Season:
    1. a mode that is repeatable and offers at least some rewards that are worth the time playing (I do not understand why there exists a H2H Season with huge rewards compared to Solo modes while 9 out of 10 H2H games have ended by the end of the 1st quarter due to different reasons ...)
    2. a mode where I could adjust the difficulty level (not only Arcade vs. Competitive and Rookie vs. All Madden, but also increasing (or decreasing) the average OVR of my opponents) such that the games are challenging and fun. I'd assume that a Solo mode might need this opportunity to adjust the OVR of your opponents in order to make the games more difficult as long as the AI is not improved a lot.
    3. a mode that has not to be completed before a certain deadline (as it is for Solo Battles). it should allow players to play when they want and how long they want. from my perspective, Solo Battles (for instance, but the same also holds for Weekend League) cause stress because you have to fit a relatively large amount of time into a certain time slot (i.e. complete all games), otherwise you get virtually nothing (25 coins per one Solo Battle?!?). H2H Seasons, for instance, allow to play as much as you want whenever you want to do so. and you could have a break for half a year and your progress is still there...
    4. a mode that offers drive-specific objectives depending on the score, etc. (something like it is available in offline franchise). drive-specific objectives would avoid that players start to run down the clock as soon as they have completed the bonus objectives for the full game.
    5. a mode where player statistics are collected (not per item, but for the players in your lineup). it would be nice to have some stats for your players, and if you have a theme team, they overall stats of a player should not on depend on whether it is his Core (gold, elite, whatever) item or (later on) another item from a specific promo.
    6. ...

    from my perspective, a Solo MUT mode which offers these functionalities is really missing. I'd say I became quite experienced in playing this game, but I have no opportunity to really enjoy my lineup.
    • Solo Battles are just monotonous and boring (otherwise it is not possible to rank top 100...), very frustrating (bugs, DNFs, ...), and stressfull (having to complete the full event within one week and having to comply with the deadlines in order to avoid losing the opportunity of playing all 13 games).
    • I do not like to play H2H due to lags (I'm European and I almost always face latency issues which cause ... I do not want to go into details but these lags are just frustrating and take away all the fun), bad match-making (I assume it is almost impossible to have good match-making in MUT since you have to take into account the lineup OVR and the players skills), monotonous play calling (~money plays), ... well, besides all game-related issues with H2H, I just do not want to compete with other players. I just want to enjoy the strategic aspects of the game, read the defense, vary my strategy depending on my opponent, take my time to look at my opponents lineup to adapt my strategy... that's not possible in H2H since you do not know anything about your opponent and you do not have the time to study your opponent's lineup in detail...
    • Solo Challenges are much too easy. playing against 77 OVR teams on Arcade difficulty with your 90+ OVR lineup results in forced fumbles with every user tackle and score differentials of 20+ points per minute playing...

    there is just no mode available which I would enjoy playing in the long run... but a well designed MUT Solo Season mode might do it...
  • You get 13 solo battles a week. For me, I have trouble winning all 13 games. Of course I can cheese or destroy lower 80 overall teams or better. But I have trouble beating 88 overall or higher defenses on solo battles. I run the ball a lot and the computer seems to stop my running plays on all Madden. I recently won 13 games this morning and was 76th overall. But then I just checked tonight and not in the top 100. I am kinda bummed out as I noticed some other teams were able to play 14 games, so I won't be able to get top 100 rewards. I ended playing an extra 2 games for nothing really as I was on 250k battle score with 2 games remaining. I feel like I got cheesed out of another 60000 coins and like 5 decent packs.
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