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Ravens playbook

As an Ravens fan this playbook is somewhat disappointing especially considering that Lamar is on the cover. There are no new formations or plays from last year in the pistol even though they ran a very different and unique offense. The fact that formations like pistol tight and pistol trips are in other Playbooks and not in the Ravens is concerning when they ran the pistol almost exclusively unlike any other team in the league. The goaline pistol formation where they use 14 personnel (1rb 4tes) should have been in the playbook since it was used heavily in short yardage situations and it was a key formation in the game against the Seahawks and Patriots. Out of all the Playbooks this should have been one of the most revamped books in the game since we haven't seen anything close to this pistol heavy since Roman was with the 49ers. The Ravens never ran plays under center so I really do not understand why they have hundreds of plays under center. That playbook needs to be adjusted and updated to have actual schemes that they use instead of being so cookie cutter.
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