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Yet another game spent throwing to wide-open receivers only to watch the quarterback, instead, throw across the field ... comically far away from said wide-open receivers ... and directly into the waiting hands of LBs and DBs. As much money as we pay for this pile of crap, one would think that, at some point, you EA sports folks would fix that one...


  • Yea it’s filthy this year how bad the qbs throw it’s like wayyyy wayyy off so exaggerated it’s sad
  • lagnaf73
    36 posts Member
    edited September 2020
    So, I just played another game and threw 3 INTs.... Only I didn't throw them. I threw to WIDE MFing OPEN RECEIVERS only to .... AGAIN ... watch the QB deliberately throw FAR AWAY from said receiver into the waiting arms of defenders ... who weren't even remotely close to the play I was running. It's almost as though this game is an even bigger pile of crap than it was last year.
  • I think that the game has a code that "schedules" you to have a multi-INT game. 3 or 4 obviously intentional INTs by your QB is quite the tip of the hand.
  • It's actually brutal, I just had roby jump over the top of Hopkins to intercept a pass, on single coverage, with a to tap in the corner of the end zone. When the ball is in the air, the receiver turns into a cornerback and doeant even try to catch it, leading to interceptions
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