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Seriously EA!

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We get 2 updates in the past week. The NFL season officially starts tonight, and the game rosters still aren't right. AP is still on WAS's roster, when he just signed w/ DET. Clowney is still missing despite signing w/ TEN. AB and Nick Coe still aren't in FA. MLB White is still missing from the LV roster, and Talib is still in FA despite retiring yesterday.

The game updated today, and it supposed to be up to date w/ the current season beginning, knowing there was no preseason, but we've still got tons of ppl missing from the game. No roster update at all today.

But that's ok b/c we got a 81 overall Kap who hasn't played in like 4 yrs, and a Nike location for Yard right? No! This yr has been an atrocious mess from u guys. No current work to Franchise, no up to date rosters, just Kap, Yard, and stupid MUT crap.

I enjoy running my online league, but how can u do anything w/ a game that's glaringly missing ppl WHO SHOULD BE IN!!!! At this point, I feel this game was a waste of my money, and I'm about to tell the rest in my league who've yet to get the game, to not bother wasting their's, just sticking w/ M20 to continue my league b/c hey, at least rosters r correct.

So stupid. And I don't wanna hear any of this, "Well they weren't signed on for the game" bullcrap! It's a PRO FOOTBALL game, w/ PRO players, who SHOULD be in, that's the whole freaking point of the game! Pull ur heads out of ur behinds, and get ur crap together!


  • @Lbc2134sho U and me both. I'm tired of none of the issues being addressed. They spend more time worrying about MUT and social injustice than they do making a game everyone will like. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for ppl being treated equally, all lives, no matter who u r matter, but dear lord, only reason u added Kap now, and gave him the gracious overall u did, is b/c of all thats going on in the world. MUT is their cash grab, which, y ppl bother to pay for it is beyond me. They dc about any other mode in this game, let alone caring about even making rosters right anymore. I'm so over these big game industries just doing w/e they want. EA followed straight suite w/ 2k in fielding a garbage game that should've been held back, just to steal ppl's money. It ridiculous, and I'm tired of the lack of effort from these ppl.
  • I agree to an extent. They barely are able to support the current modes they have then they go and add this yard nonsense. They cornered the sim market then decide to neglect the sim market so they can work on the the non-sim market. Shrewd business but oh well.

    As far as 100% accurate rosters for 100% of the teams, that never bothered me. I am franchise mode guy. Once my franchise begins, I'm going to make the trades I see fit; I am going to make the FA signings that I see fit so whether Clowney is still a FA or whatever, doesn't really throw me off.

    But I get it...
  • It's not necessarily about the roster totally being accurate, but that all ppl r in game. Clowney should've been in day 1, just like any other person from the NFL who is active. Plus we r still missing multiple ppl who should be in.

    Yeah, franchise has ALWAYS been, and ALWAYS will be a staple of this game. Yet it's been left untouched for yrs, plus they've taken a lot of what made franchise good, out. I feel the Yard should've been dropped back a yr, and agree 100% the sim fans got screwed bad. They're too worried about their pay to play mode, which essentially promotes child gambling, as well as other games since the start of micro transactions.

    It's a shame that a game that used to be so good, is the heap of trash it's become b/c EA just doesn't care anymore. Then they wonder y we all continue to voice ur opinions, and co plain about everything they r doing wrong.
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