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Time for Madden 22 wishlist...

Every year the same thing happens. EA releases the new Madden and despite promises and hope the product is always underwhelming. This year just like the past few Franchise receive no new additions. The latest feature we’ve received is custom draft classes and they haven’t evolved at all over 3 years, why is just adding a feature enough? Why not try an improve those features? But we will all continue to come to this forum posting our wishlist of ideas that would truly improve the game, many features that were in previous EA titles would do the trick but at next years release we’ll fire up our systems to find Madden 18 5.0 but this year we’ll get to play as a new rapper (something no one asks for) in the yard. Madden 21 is dead, it’s underwhelming and not a good product... Time for Madden 22 wishlist.
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