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Franchise mode/entire game

Things that should also be available are:
1. Schedule editing
2. Realignment options Divisional & conference
3. More options for creating a coach...
4. Assistant coaches
5. Positions like long snaper, Nickle CB, & Slot wr need added to the entire game
6. Positions to match how each team operates & the ability to edit how each team operates & edit rosters & positions accordingly...
7. Player accessories like Mouth guards, covid face sheilds.
8. The ability to edit team colors or logos or uniforms on current teams. For instance like If Wanted to give Washington a new Team name or completely Rebrand them I should be able too or if Wanted to change a teams colors I should be able too...
9. They should make 2 separate games a version that has only my team & My player & the yard & online play & knockout & the 2nd only Franchise, Play now, & online & the Yard...
10. Create a team & new/more location options
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