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Player awareness and Realistic content

With Madden 21 being a very animation driven game, I feel like more animations should trigger as a result of players having awareness to where they are on the field and who is around them. With that being said I should see gang tackles ( tackles made with more than 2 people on the player with the ball) , better close to out of bounds animations that would tag along with awareness , better running behind blockers and player to player contact throughout the entire play. These changes I believe would make the game more realistic resulting in a better product. And lastly animations based off of the player you have would be interesting !! Because Julio Jones doesn’t play like Odell Beckham so it would be cool and REALISTIC to see specific animations for specific players.


  • Rippers2222
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    "With Madden 21 being a very animation driven game" might be the understatement of the year. And given the 2020 we've had, that in itself is an understatement.

    Between randomly airmailed throws straight into defenders, odd defensive line play and reactions, randomly stumbling running backs ala Madden 19, too many unforced dropped passes, unresponsive defenders, QB contain barely working and all of the rest, this game feels more scripted and predetermined than any of its predecessors and that, also in itself, takes away from the enjoyment of the game.

    I do not expect to win every game I play, I'm just happy to stay above .500. But if I lose, I want to lose because the other guy out smarted me, not because the game just decided that he was going to win despite getting it handed to him for most of the game. And everyone who plays H2H knows exactly what I am talking about.
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  • I feel your pain man I really do I’m tired of the game being predetermined every play no matter what I do and who I have on my team. There’s way too many things wrong with this game and EA should focus on spending their money towards the gameplay rather than “new features” and commercials
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