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Madden NFL 21 Title Update - September 16th


  • GDZ_16
    2 posts New member
    Does activating a player back off IR in online franchise work this year ?
  • Of all the issues you guys are worried about mut ...
  • I thought you are listening to us ?
  • Please let us use the face editor when creating draft classes, and unlock the period when typing a created players first name. These small fixes would make a world of a difference for franchise mode players. Thanks!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    I thought you are listening to us ?

    Major game changes for Franchise mode will happen in major updates throughout the year. The team mentioned what their vision is for this year and Madden NFL 22 here: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/260934/gridiron-notes-franchise-updates-coming-to-madden-21-22#latest

    The list of features you see in the thread are consider the more significant changes, but this doesn't mean there won't be additional Franchise fixes or updates that happen throughout the season in smaller title updates and patches.

    If there are any bugs impacting Franchise please search these forums to see if there is already a post created on it that you can add to prior to creating a new one. Our official bug report form can be found in our Answers HQ where we pass threads along to the Madden NFL team for investigation. We appreciate and value all reports submitted here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Madden-NFL-21/ct-p/madden-nfl-21-en
  • When you play on conservative ball carrier and catch an interception the defender will walk very slowly while holding the ball with both hands. Please fix ASAP. Cost me so many pick sixes.
  • Need help asap please 😢 I turn off salary cap not meaning to on a league I help run I need it turn back on please it's a really good league the league name is Unde4d IC3MAN_7
    157 posts EA Madden Community Team
    Why is the chew clock bug still not addressed?

    This is targeted to be addressed in an upcoming Title Update. Thanks for the feedback. We have been sharing this feedback with players on Good Morning Madden that this will be addressed soon. It's a client side fix so this has to go through 1st party verification and approvals before it is addressed. Thanks!

  • > @EA_Blueberry said:
    > (Quote)
    > The team is planning to address this soon.

    if you are aware , can you please fix a bug on franchise mode where we get an error code after we finish a game or watch on slow speed , had to restart our league multiple times , please fix this
    157 posts EA Madden Community Team
    Ice19ok00 wrote: »
    My screen is whiting out during random plays during the game for 1 play where you can barely see the players in all modes. Can you look into that?

    This is related to the White Screen/Flash Bang bug. This is targeted to be addressed in an upcoming Title Update which should be coming soon. We have mentioned it a few times during Good Morning Madden. Thanks again for sharing the feedback.

    157 posts EA Madden Community Team
    willwag85 wrote: »
    Still... Still issues eight Man to Man coverage and the defender is leaving their assignments😡😡😡😡

    If you have any video you can share of this issue occurring, please let us know. We will pass this along to the Gameplay team to take a look, but it is always helpful for us to see what you are doing and any adjustments you are making that could be impacting this. Thanks.
    157 posts EA Madden Community Team
    wastrox wrote: »
    And what about the problem in edit Formation Subs??????? it freezes and you can't change anyone.

    This is a known issue and we have shared this with our Franchise and QA Teams. Once we have an update on when it will be addressed, we will let players know. Thanks for bring it up.
  • > @EA_KRAELO said:
    > (Quote)
    > This is a known issue and we have shared this with our Franchise and QA Teams. Once we have an update on when it will be addressed, we will let players know. Thanks for bring it up.

    can you please bring and spread the awareness of the franchise error code bug , franchise is unplayable right now , we cant get through 1 game with an error code
  • Any plans to bring back the “Quick” playcalling mode?
  • Can you guys add the ability to play every game on the schedule in franchise without having to control every team? This feature used to be available in the past. I hate being locked into one team. Franchise brags about having “total control “ but I don’t. I don’t wanna force win games. I want to play them. I’m sure it’s an easy fix. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • There is an issue with Heinz field, all the seats are orange instead of yellow, please fix this, it’s the first time in madden that I see something like this.
  • When playing Face of the Franchise i can't equip a Tier 3 X Factor move Homer & No Look Pass are locked this is my fourth QB build playing this mode can it get fixed please
  • Plz fix in the competitive online both teams come out with the same color uniforms.
  • and for the rewards and the super bowl which dates from 2019 you expect to solve it, it should not be complicated? If at least it could be solved I could start a franchise can you answer me ?

  • Please fix the live playbook glitch. Please fix the formation sub glitch. Please fix the chew clock glitch. Please fix Tyree Jackson not being able to perform a qb slide. Please fix being unable to pitch the ball going left on shovel option plays. I know you get a lot of inquires but these would be much appreciated! Thank you
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