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10 things need to be fixed !!

1. Running the ball should be difficult !
2. Passing the ball should be fun and exciting with amazing 1 on 1 catches and threading the needle to get a big completion. Instead I have Defensive backs running from sideline to sideline, covering 3 different receivers at the same time, and gets crazy catching animations that allow them to make impossible plays on the ball.
3. Speed Threshold !! No matter players speed should depend on the actually player answers position. I shouldn’t have a linebacker or lineman chase down tyreek hill. Speed differential is huge to creating a more realistic game.
4. Route Running SHOULD MATTER !! If someone is pressing me 1 on 1 and I have Julio Jones I should win that everyday unless it’s a stud cornerback like Stephon Gilmore then ok it might result in an incompletion but I should still have a solid chance at winning that. And not all receivers run the routes the exact same. TIGHT ENDS DO NOT RUN ROUTES THE SAME AS WRS. Julio Jones doesn’t run The same routes as Davontae Adams. Having some variety with how a receiver gets open would improve the game massively.
5. Opponents should not be able to run the same play on offense nor defensive and have it work all game !! The NFL players on my team should see that the same play is coming if I see that the same play is coming. I’m tired of getting beat by the same stretch play on offense and a super pinched cover 3.
6. More CATCHING ANIMATIONS ! I can’t stress enough how much my receiver fully catches the ball then someone hit him for behind him and he drops it somehow. My receiver shouldn’t drop the ball unless the DB completely lays me out or he has good coverage and deflects the pass. If my receiver has the DB beat by as little as a single step or 2 I should have a better chance at catching the ball vs dropping it, especially if I have a good receiver. And I’m tired of seeing Defensive Backs getting catching animations that make their body move faster than it should resulting in better coverage and most likely a pick.
7. Fix the gameplay before installing new game modes and features because your going to sit here and tell me that y’all made something insane like the yard.... but couldn’t introduce a better gameplay experience or even better a better connected franchise experience. Road to Glory in NCAA is better than Franchise and if we’re being honest face of the franchise too.
8. Gang Tackles ! If a Defensive player stands the ball carrier up then I should expect some head hunters to come clean he clock but instead I have 10 other guys hopelessly throw their bodies into one another with no result. If I saw 4 guys or 3 guys on my defense collectively make a tackle together that would make a player feel a sense of realism and appreciation for effort coming out of the defense.
9. Player Awareness !! Players should be aware of where other players are and how close they are to out of bounds. Players should also know if they are down or not so they can try to get back up and make a play. Wide Receivers should also be aware if a ball is bouncing off their chest after they drop the ball so that they can catch it and make an awesome play. If these changes were made it would increase realism for that aspect of the game.
10. Attribute Significance !! A 90 overall should be worse than a 92 and I should b able to see that he’s worse. However if that 90 has 95 speed and the 92 has 93 speed that 90 overall shouldn’t still be noticeably faster than the other player. High awareness should result in high awareness plays that can be made. Change of direction this year is huge and please keep the linebacker and lineman cod very low and be careful of who deserves a high rating.


  • Also chemistry / ego should be a major factor .. some star receivers should want trades if they don’t get targeted enough and miscommunication with the qb / wr not on the same page if chemistry isn’t good . Kind of like Brady’s pick when he threw to mike Evans
  • @kennybolo20 yess !!
  • kennybolo20
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    edited September 2020
    Yea and confidence needs to matter more especially for lower rated players that makes them gamble more Like a high risk high reward since they shouldn’t be able to go 1 on 1 with the greats
  • @kennybolo20 we’d be lucky if EA made any 1 of these change which I doubt they will would make the game that much better
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