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I have played career mode with a CAF about 5-6 times at different weight classes. Each time I enjoyed creating the CAF the exact way I wanted to. Moves, attributes and perks...all my choice. Now that I’m getting tired of the grind of career mode I look to play in other modes and simply can not. I have no desire whatsoever to play with a pre-fabricated CAF archetype. That’s not what creation is about. There is no creation involved except of names and build and face etc. Now that I’m in the twilight of career mode playing, I will never play another mode due to the fact that I can not assign moves and attributes and perks of my choosing. One archetype has the Celtic Cross? All others have the Straight. Really?? Why have different moves at all if I can’t choose them outside of career. Or how about this...let my career CAF in the main menu so I can play other modes with him. And no I don’t play online at all so I get all the imbalance with CAFs in that mode. I’m sorry but you have ruined this game for me and many others. I’ve spent $60 to not be able to play this game any longer. Please fix this.


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    I'm still not quite sure if EA is aware of the fact that the largest player base for this game is Single player mode and Two player mode. I think they either think that the largest player base is online players, or they want the largest player base to be online.

    I really don't know if they are aware that family members and friends playing locally in two player mode represents a big big chunk of who plays this game. Or single players enjoying single player offline modes represent the majority of hours that go into this game.

    Not letting players create their own fighters with move lists of their choice to use in any offline mode has caused many of us to put the game down.

    EA is so concerned about the online community and the game balance for the online community which makes up only about 1/3 of the market that they've totally upset the other 2/3 of the market that never go online and only play single player and two player modes.

    All I can assume at this point is EA doesn't want my money in the future :/
  • Well said and they will no longer get my money unless this is fixed along with a host of other weak aspects. Give me 3 or 4 different hooks. Not just one exact same hook for every single fighter in the game except Wanderlei Silva. How about some different animations for other punches also. Done until I see these things resolved. UFC 2 nailed it. Bring that blueprint back with updated roster and fresh career mode and I’m in. Worst part is the folks they cater to (online that is) don’t give a rats **** about the technical aspects of the mma. They just spam moves and exploit moves that can’t be defended from a couple different positions to get their wins and rank up. Big deal. Others have said it. Instead of having 3 versions of the game, like Madden, have a base game for only offline play for a certain price and then add online gaming for additional cost for those who want it. Simple.
  • You right, in a way, they could just add a roster update as DLC for UFC 2 (right now), and many players in the community would be happy with that.

    I know, I would pay a reasonable price for a roster update for my UFC 2 and the tournament mode that was added to UFC 3. If EA can go back and retro actively add in-game adds to UFC 3, then they could do Roster updates, slider updates, and add tournament mode for UFC 2 as DLC. Many players would probably jump on that. :p I know I would.
  • you could put roster updates on THQ 1 and people would like it more than ufc 4.i wish i was kidding.i should be getting banned any minute now. good luck guy's
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    Currently, I'm playing UFC Undisputed 3 on a PS3 it looks nice on 42 and 50 inch 4K. I like having all of the UFC fighters that are in that game. The Pride fighters and the UFC fighters. Even if many of them are retired, they are legendary. Sometimes its good to have the legends in the game. I set up monster Event cards and tournaments between legends that are no longer in the UFC 4 game. And to be honest CAF in Undisputed 3 lets me create any fighter that's not in the game LOL. If there would've been a port of UFC Undisputed 3 to the current gen consoles, I would not have even considered EA's games.

    The difference between UFC Undisputed 3 CAF and what we get in EA's UFC 4 is just beyond belief. Undisputed would offer 3 or 4 round house kicks, 3 or 4 different kinds of jabs, the judo throws, nice, muay thai attacks and defenses nice,etc. EA's UFC 4 offers 1 maybe 2 options in career mode, and no options in offline mode. EA is a classic example of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Simple things like taking out the paper doll from UFC 2, dropping judge's score cards, getting rid of fighter move list customization in offline modes were just cutting back features to what end?

    EA's UFC makes me wonder did they listen to all of the feedback on UFC 3 & UFC 2 that they got from fans on this very site :o And how could they have taken away features that were enjoyed in UFC 3 i.e. being able to customize movelists for CAFs in offline mode? One has to wonder what the meetings were like at the UFC 4 development team offices (or conference calls/zoom meetings) when they were deciding what to put into the game, what to take out of the game, and what to leave the same. :/ I truly wonder what the triage process was. I'm also very curious as to when the development team reeeally started serious work on UFC 4. From the feature set and some of the glitches it seems like they worked on the project maybe 14 months if that.

    The game has so much potential, its too bad :'(
  • preach.
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