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Madden NFL 21 Player Ratings Update: Week 1

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In a year as strange as 2020, there was only one thing that we all agreed with: Tom Brady is going to look weird in a Bucs’ uniform.

But what was more awkward than seeing Brady on a different team, was seeing him looking lost. It wasn’t the worst game by any means, but he was uncharacteristically out of sorts. Brady ultimately looked like he should, like a QB in a new coaching system who hasn’t had time, or a preseason, to develop quality chemistry within that offense. After a summer of Tampa acquiring talent like they were building a fantasy football roster, it was a little shocking to see the wind get knocked from their sails so soon.

Brady will undoubtedly find his form. But you have to wonder if somewhere in his mind, Brady thought, “Man, I’m going to miss playing the Jets and Dolphins twice a year.”

Enough with the reminiscing, it’s time to talk about what’s really important … Madden ratings! Let’s take a look and see who rose in the ranks and who fell. Access the full Madden NFL 21 Player Ratings Database HERE.


yorzuqv7nfmb.png Aaron Rodgers | QB | Green Bay Packers

After a summer where the fantasy football community claimed he just wasn’t the same QB anymore, it turns out that Aaron Rodgers is (checks notes) still pretty good at this football thing. Sure, some of this performance was the Minnesota Vikings not having an answer for Davante Adams, but Rodgers looked sharp in a critical matchup in a competitive division.

bdqps1rkucnq.pngJosh Jacobs | RB | Las Vegas Raiders

The success of Josh Jacobs deserves way more praise than the standard scoresheet suggests. Those of you ignoring the three touchdowns and pointing at his low 3.7 yards per carry are missing the point. Jacobs broke tackles all day, and 81 of his 93 rushing yards came after contact. Add to that four catches for 46 yards, and you have the look of one the NFL’s few remaining feature backs. Keep an eye on Jacobs this season.

6fwrgu6iuvai.pngChris Carson | RB | Seattle Seahawks

The main takeaway here is that the Seahawks let Russell Wilson go to work instead of their traditional run and ask questions later game plan. So instead of a big chunk of rushing yards, Chris Carson proved his worth as a great backfield receiving option. Carson snagged all six of his targets for 45 yards and two scores. Even with Seattle, at least for now, adopting a new offensive focus, Carson remains heavily involved. And he’s not disappointing.


llvdvo9nvbh8.pngSaquon Barkley | RB | New York Giants

This was borderline absurd to watch. Saquon Barkley, one of the most talented RBs in the NFL, was tasked with repeatedly running into brick wall. Again, and again, Barkley’s number was called, and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ stellar defense held him to just six yards after 15 carries. He did some damage through the air, but this was a total shutdown of an elite rusher. Expect Barkley to climb back up the OVR column, but this level of production had to get docked.

ajrlrv80wu80.pngKerryon Johnson | RB | Detroit Lions

Throughout his career, Adrian Peterson has made a habit of proving his doubters wrong. While Peterson looks like he’ll never stop being productive, the person that ultimately lost the battle in this backfield is Kerryon Johnson. Johnson got the start, but lost his workload to Peterson after managing just 14 yards on seven carries. Johnson has the talent to bounce back quickly, but it’s clear this coaching staff isn’t sold after signing Peterson and drafting D’Andre Swift.

kovzp8r0otvt.pngBaker Mayfield | QB | Cleveland Browns

It’s difficult to find the right word to describe this performance. Ungood? I think that works. Despite having a plethora of talent surrounding him, Baker Mayfield could not establish much of anything as they got stomped by the Baltimore Ravens. It’s not all on Mayfield. The Browns were outcoached and outplayed in every aspect in this one. But Mayfield needs to establish some sort of tempo if this offense is going to get moving.

- Daniel Williams (Follow Dan on Twitter @thatDanW)

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