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EA can’t even get the 53 man rosters right for each team! Loaded up a new Play Live Franchise and Mathew Slater, a key special teamer and TEAM CAPTAIN, is off the team and now missing from the game (I check teams and FA) and so is Justin Bethel, another key special teamer. They left a player that is on PUP on the roster as well. EA doesn’t know anything about football, they clearly don’t feel special teams is important. Listed at WR unless you change Slater’s position you can’t even assign him to the positions he really plays. This man stops punts inside the 5 on the regular, he’s blocked punts, he’s one of the best gunners in the league but the only ST play he can get in Madden is PR/KR. To this day you still can’t choose your own kickoff/kick return teams.

AND! Formations sub STILL doesn’t work. EA you have so many problems it’s beyond fixable. You desperately need competition! This game is not playable without the exclusive license. EA needs to scrap everything and rebuild. This is pathetic. They will probably silence me against but I don’t care.

*Update* As of week 2 play now EA still can’t get the 53 man rosters right and instead the players just being cut they are completely missing from the game. The practice squads aren’t nowhere the actual practice squads (they are useless anyways, there are no practices in Madden)

Oh and to top it off still no fix for the formation subs. Sorry franchise gamers, you’ll have to wait until November!
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