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User players

I love that the user is finally slowed down enough and can't stop multiple routes at once



QB Ball Trajectory - needs a ton of work and ball speed still needs to be faster. Throwing downfield there's no arc on the ball. U can throw a 20 yard post and a LB in the middle of the field picks it off easy because there is no arc on the ball

Psychic DB - CB still are psychic breaking on balls with their backs turned. I throw a corner route to my TE on the right side of the field. But the CB back on the same side covering my WR turns around with his back turned to the ball as soon as my QB releases the pass. The CB either intercepts the ball or breaks it up when he is 10 yards away from the play. CB play the WR when they're back is turned to the ball they can't see when the ball is thrown. Get rid of psychic DB's permanently that's why QB's throw so many interceptions in Madden (100% unrealistic).

Block shedding

block sheds are way to easy especially with CB. CB should be getting steam rolled by these huge strong offensive lineman. CB in real life try their best not to take on offensive lineman directly they try to run around them. Or defenders run dollar defense and use safeties at linebacker and are still able to stop the run. In real life those safeties would be getting pancaked all over the field if they took on these mammoth offensive lineman.

Outside routes

Corner routes, out routes, comeback routes are way to hard to complete. If a defender is in zone he back pedals and has to come out of his break. But because that doesn't happen the defenders can come from a 10 yard distance and pick the ball off. And there is no user control with the WR. EA do u know how hard a comeback route is to stop in real life especially with back shoulder throws? The bigger problem is most QB's have a hard time making those throws unless they are Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers etc. Defensive players just pack in the middle of the field because outside routes aren't effective enough. I should be able to maximize the entire field.


The defensive alignment is terrible. We need coaching adjustments that put CB on WR, LB on TE & RB, Safeties on TE, WR, or RB. To many times the offense will be in Iform Slot Flex for example, and the game puts my #1 CB on the TE. Then it puts my LB on the #1 WR and I get beat. Or better yet in zone coverage it puts my #1 CB at LB in the middle of the field and my LB at CB. Even worse is when I call an audible on offense and my guard goes to WR and my WR moves to guard. EA this is unacceptable.


Blitzes need to come in faster especially if the defender is unblocked. This year the QB can get rid of the ball much faster. So If I send 6 defenders and he is blocking 5 why is the blitz coming in so slow. I send a 95 speed CB off the edge and it seems like he takes forever to get there even though he is unblocked.

O-line IQ

I run the ball and my o-lineman will make his initial block then for no reason let him go. Or they will see a defender right in front of them and won't touch them. Instead choosing to run inside and try to block a defender away from the play.

Formation Subs

How come I can't use formation subs if I use a custom playbook? That is the point of using a custom and putting everyone exactly where I want them to be. And whatever happened to global substitutions 2nd string, 3rd string etc?

Defensive Assignments

Also see alignment issues. Forget this CB covering WR by overall or speed etc. Bring it back like the old days where I can sign a specific player on any offensive player I choose. If I am getting killed in the slot by Julian Edelman who is 86 speed I should be able to put my best CB or anyone I choose on him. If I want Stephon Gilmore to cover the 3rd best WR I should be able to assign him there. We want real defensive matchups not what u have now because u can't fix alignment issues.


  • How has no one commented here? All of these are glaring issues.
  • Cause we have given up complaining about these things. And if you think the super user was significantly nerfed, you have not been playing the same guys I have been.
  • Blocking should have a swing and wiff ratio that shows how likely the blockers up front can win the war in the trenches. Just an honest idea no wishing intended. :)
    Madden fan since 93.
  • kennybolo20
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    edited October 2020
    Ball goes through player bodies/ arms and helmets ... also if you slow motion picks the ball would go straight then jump to the cpu hands .. cheesy
  • @EA_Blueberry this is the best argument I’ve seen someone make on here we need this to be heard and examined everything this man said is facts and a very truthful argument !!!!
  • EA_Blueberry
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    How has no one commented here? All of these are glaring issues.

    I was out of vacation for a week around the time this was posted and missed it, glad it got bumped up. Will pass your feedback from this thread along, @ericedub!

  • Thank you !!!
  • ericedub
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    edited October 2020
    Cause we have given up complaining about these things. And if you think the super user was significantly nerfed, you have not been playing the same guys I have been.

    Your absolutely right the super user is back. When Madden 21 was first released the super user was turned down. Now it seems with the latest updates the super user is back covering 5 routes per play. Even worse is players putting cornerbacks & safeties at LB and they shed blocks easier then 300 pound d-lineman. And psychic DB's are worse than ever.
  • @EA_Blueberry these issues need to be addressed and super user needs to be nerfed permanently !!!
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