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PS4/5 SGC Madden 21 All-Madden settngs SIM online CFM league has openings

We are a well established league of SIM players. Well run, and strict to enforce SIM game play.

1. We cut the cheese, it's just not allowed in this league

2. Solid, detailed rules, so there are few grey lines. This leads to a more consistent, and fair league. We play on All-Madden settings.

3. Abusing "money plays" is NOT tolerated

4. Be cool to your fellow league-mates, this is a no drama league.

5. Team draft (whole team, not a fantasy draft) at the beginning of each Madden is done by random order. So the veterans can't snag all of the best teams. New guys have the same odds to get a top pick of the best teams.

6. Daddyleagues for online league tracking and GroupMe used for communication


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