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Run Defense vs Play Action

The run defensive meta involves bringing down safeties into the box, putting one on QB SPY and usering the other to both simultaneously cover the entire middle of the field and shoot the gaps to stop the run.

Play action doesn't impact any of this. In fact, play action passing really just puts your passing game at a further disadvantage because it provides a full second for the defensive user to get back into coverage. I can get a TE a good 15-20 yards up field and a defensive user can still make up that ground after crashing into the line of scrimmage and pick the ball off.

What really needs to happen is the defensive user should not be able to sprint back out of the box on play action passes. You should either have to shoot the gap or play coverage. You can't do both on play action passes.


  • fully agree. I have also been intercepted so often by a usered MLB or safety who was 15-20 yards away from my receiver but was able lurking. really annoying.
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