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Outside Run Defense

Outside run contains are horrible in most defensive fronts. In order to have outside contain, you have to run a defensive formation that has players outside of the offenses tightends. Unfortunately there are not many formations that do this stock, you have to manually adjust them on every single play.

Meanwhile, other formations like Nickle 3-3-5 which should have no business stopping the run against 3 TE sets, completely destroy the outside running game almost by default. The result of this is you have two choices. You can either run 3-3-5 all game, or you can manually shift your players outside the box to contain basic outside running plays.

Also, the offensive run meta is still generally to ignore run blocking completely, and run straight to the side line because outside contains (in any formation that doesn't put defenders on the far outside of the box by default) do not contain anything. This creates a double block on a 4-3 end allowing the running back to out run any of the other defenders on the outside and either run up field against a blocked defensive back or run through them.

It's really painful to be caught in situations where you know that the defense you're running is fundamentally flawed because the AI and the design of the game is flawed. If the Bears 46 defense played this way, then teams would've just run stretch and double teamed Richard Dent on every play and instead of the best defense in the world, it would've been known as the defense that allowed every NFL team in the world to gain 600+ yards a game.



  • fully agree. in particular the 3-3-5 Nickel formation is completely op. I really feel ashamed every time I use it. and since I do not like this feeling I rarely do so ... ;)
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