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WRs Dropping wide open passes

The Receivers and tight ends in this game should catch the ball better than anyone on the field even the defensive backs!!!! On deep balls automatic interception now wide open receivers dropping balls cmon EA. I would understand if receivers below an 86 with no abilities drop contested balls but my higher overall players matched up with either the same or weaker overall and I have abilities I should have the best chance at catching 1on1 passes. I do no mean deep balls because those are realistically a lot harder to catch unless it’s a perfect ball in stride but 1on1 coverage on deep balls should be a incomplete pass the majority of the time with a small chance of either player to come down with it. However on short to medium routes, if the DB isn’t running foot to foot with me I should have a complete pass if I throw a good ball!!! Tired of seeing WRs getting nerfed it’s only going to make people run the ball all game and btw that’s another serious issue.
EA_Blueberry the community has been demanding change for years !!!


  • Also pick artist ability drops a pass after he catches the ball with nobody around him c'mon EA that's not in the game
  • It also irritates me that they catch the ball, like Juju in the game. ( Steelers. ) They catch the ball, run with it for a few yards, THEN drop it.
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