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The BIGGEST Problem Madden 21 Has

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Sorry this is so long...

EA really needs to focus on the the core gameplay first. The thing that really annoyed me with Madden 21 is that you are launching a new console later in the year; that splits your already limited resources. EA has 30 programmers working on the game (I'm making up this number). When a new console drops, they don't hire new people. Those 30 people basically have to make two games in one year.

Then EA decided to introduce a new game mode... that stupid Yard nonsense. So they basically said to those same 30 programmers "oh yeah. I know you don't have a lot of time, so we're going to throw another game mode at you. And on a personal note, what really makes me so mad about the yard is that EA cornered the sim market so they neglect the market they they already conquered to invest in the non-sim market, the one that is actually available to competition.

Then COVID happened and that undoubtedly messed things up and threw their timeline off. Instead of prioritizing and putting the Yard on the shelf for a year, they decided to produce four game modes (CFM, MUT, The Yard, FoF) into one release with those same 30 programmers. They KNEW that CFM got the shaft and some marketing genius thought that by calling it "classic franchise" that we would be ok with that. The bottom line is that any one of those game modes could be (and probably should be) an independent game on its own

But I'm beyond the point of whining year after year. I know what I am getting, yet I still willingly buy the game knowing exactly what I am getting myself into. I read the reviews. I played the demo. I knew full and well what this game was. That's on me. That's like me going to McDonalds knowing that my stomach doesn't agree with McDonalds, knowing that I'm going to be on the toilet for the next three hours then demanding they pay me back.

I am fortunate that my wife and I both have sustainable incomes so spending $60 on this isn't really breaking me. But I vividly recall my days as a "broke college student" and it is those people I feel bad for.

But even in my broke college student years, those were the days where I could choose 2k, 989 Sports, and EA. All things equal, games were better back then. Like I said before.... EA knows it really isn't anything we can do about the sim market so now they dove into the non-sim market. And you know next year, they will invest even more in the yard. Yeah, I know they tweeted all their plans for CFM but for me, not one single thing they posted excites me. If new abilities and improved stat tracking is the best they got... meh.

I shouldn't still be playing All Pro Football and 2k5 but here we are....
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