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Madden Ultimate Team: The 50.

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  • Not being rewarded XP for The 50 Launch week solos.....anyone else having this problem? Level up meter has been stuck 3/4 of the way to 51....not moving
  • orygundo
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    Why where the base challenges for the 50 promo removed and the weekly kept in the game? Doesn't make sense. Please place all the 50 challenges back in the game.
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  • WereRobber
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    Thus far, "The 50" has been a huge disappointment to me.

    It's billed as the 50 most impactful players in Madden, which I take to mean the most overpowered players that have influenced the historic Meta. I assume we'll see Anthony Barr end up on this list. Maybe Brian Finneran or Earl Thomas will make the list? These are players that defined how bad the AI was in a particular version of Madden, and I suppose some people have fond memories of these events. But I'm not one of them, I probably have something closer to PTSD wondering why the game works the way it does and why the players in the game are so exploitable.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily dislike any of these players. But I dislike the continuous celebration of bad mechanics, bad playstyles, and 2nd rate players like Tyrone Calico being elevated to "must have" cards over all the other legitimate choices that could've been made.

    In addition, I see "The 50" as being further biased towards the same teams and positions that already have a ton of support. No doubt we're unlikely to see offensive lineman in "The 50" because they never have much of an impact and are disproportionately undervalued year over year. Likewise I doubt we'll see players from teams like the Browns, Jaguars, or other small market teams that are often excluded from most promos. Making it less likely that a repeat promotion of "The 50" in subsequent years will make any difference. Afterall, how can you "change the game" if you're not in the game to begin with?

    There are 50 players on this list, there are 32 teams in the NFL. How many players in "The 50" will be from the same teams? How many teams from the NFL will not be represented at all in "The 50"?

    For me, "The 50" only represents 30 some years of the "The Browns" getting "the Shaft". But it's not just my team, it's others too. I see this as a perpetual slight that only helps to continuously reward the same fan bases while supporting the narrative that the other fan bases are somehow not that important.

    To date here are the teams (counting team chems) represented in "The 50":
    Eagles x 3
    Raiders x 3
    49ers x 3
    Saints x 2
    Detroit x 2
    Bucs x 2
    Chargers x 1
    Bengals x 1
    Titans x 1
    Seahawks x 1
    Packers x 1
    Vikings x 1
    Broncos x 1
    Miami x 1
    Buffalo x 1

    By my count that's just 15 teams out of the 32 so far out of 11 total players. At this rate, the Eagles will have half of the players in "The 50", and don't even get me started on Legends.
  • The fact that E.A just released 2 49ers players in the same drop is just ridiculous! Vernon Davis to me is not even on this list of 50 players that were that good in Mut. I can name a million other TEs that were way better. The problem is, guys like Gronk already has a card in the game, so he would have been on this list, no questions. But other teams that still don’t even have 1 player on this list is ridiculous! I am a Ravens Fan and I just don’t understand how Ray lewis isn’t a major drop, Ed Reed Mayor drop, Suggs, Jamal Lewis, Todd Heap, Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Steve McNair! Like i don’t care if thye get dropped with their original team chems, but give us better players and give the rest of the teams some love! This giving certain teams 3 and 4 cards is garbage especially when they don’t deserve a card more than the next player. It’s bad enough they are only dropping 3 cards, and 2 Legends cards a week so lets do better for crying out loud! The game is suppose to be fun, I want to play with guys that haven’t been in the game in forever, yet your starting to recycle bad cards that only theme team guys only care about. Patrick Willis great choice, Cromartie another great choice, Davis, huge L. Do BETTER EA!!
  • @TheRebel31 I'd prefer balanced new promos too. so, in principle I agree that choosing two players from one team in a 3 player release does not seem well done.

    on the other hand, two of the 3 players (Davis and Rodgers-Cromartie) will have 3 and 6 different team chemistries respectively, so it is not just the 49ers theme team players who will benefit. from this perspective, the release seems to be more fair.

    I'd assume that the choice of players to be released will never satisfy all MUT players perfectly. every promo will always improve one (or more) team(s) more than others. in the PU release this week, there were 3 out of 10 players with Washington team chemistry, while some other teams (incl. the 49ers) did not get one. and maybe it helps a Ravens fan that a 49er still has to play with an 81 OVR Jimmy G (82 with 50/50 team chem) because there is no better QB available. surely, every 49ers Madden player will be more than envious of Lamar Jackson or Michael Vick...

    and one more thought: I'm not exactly sure if it is really beneficial for a theme team if they get a M50 item released. the prices for PU and Stacked items are horrendously high, both if buying in the auction house or completing sets (and the prices of the week 1 release did not decrease significantly). I hope that other teams in other promos will be 'compensated' accordingly, and perhaps at a more affordable price...
  • @Neo_Novalis That is a really good point about M50 players being beneficial for theme teams because power ups are crazy expensive and hard to get for no money spent players like myself. So even if the desired card came out this weeks that wanted, I wouldn’t be able to get that card right away unless I break the bank just for the power up. Much like how in Madden 20, all the desirable cards that theme team players wanted or needed always were LTD cards and made it incredibly hard to get or they had to wait until the next series for the redux to come out. The M50 is kind of taking that place this year because how you can only get those cards by doing the set or pulling lots of packs.
  • @TheRebel31 fully agree. recently I also posted my thoughts on EA's "packs policy" (see below). I assume the MUT mode is really attractive if you play it for the first time, in particular learning how to build your lineup and develop strategies etc.. but if you want to play it also in the long run, it might become very frustrating (e.g. when realising that LTD (or also other) items are just unaffordable and pack content is so heavily depending on luck, etc.) . if I am honest to myself, I play this game rather because I have developed an addiction to it, and less because I really enjoy it. that makes it even more frustrating for me, because I see so much potential in this mode, but the combination of fun through playing and collecting is really limited. in H2H you have to have a competitive team which is so difficult to obtain without spending tons of cash. and it is even more difficult to build up a good lineup just by playing Solos. and due to poor matchmaking and the large difference in rewards between winning and losing H2H games (which is fostering incentives to just focus on money plays) most often I do not enjoy H2H games...
    I would really appreciate if EA tries (at least a little bit) to give the impression that MUT is about the fun of the players and not only about maximizing the company's profit. it is so obvious that players should not be able to buy packs with coins. 120k of coins per "The 50 fantasy pack" and per "Legends Fantasy Packs". That is more than you could earn in a full week of playing Solos only (except the few players that rank top 100 in Solo Battles)! and it absolutely does not guarantee that you really get a top item with such a pack.

    there are just 3 kinds of packs (plus the "Get a (Gold) Player") available to be bought with coins, from my perspective all of them are completely overpriced. it would be really nice if the dev team could spend at least some thoughts on increasing the fun of the game (e.g. more balanced H2H match-making, fair rewards schemes in Solo Battles, more challenging Solo Challengens...)
  • @Neo_Novalis how can you enjoy H2H when you playing fully powered up players with max chems every game, with every DB having chems on them so your WRs can’t run routes. How can EA think that players enjoy that? The matchmaking i just awful and until they fix it, MUT H2H is no enjoyable.
  • TheRebel31 wrote: »
    @Neo_Novalis how can you enjoy H2H when you playing fully powered up players with max chems every game, with every DB having chems on them so your WRs can’t run routes. How can EA think that players enjoy that? The matchmaking i just awful and until they fix it, MUT H2H is no enjoyable.

    very good question(s)! I'm still searching for reasonable answers. I assume it is no fun for both players. the underdog (i.e. the losing player) can do what (s)he wants, it will not work. and the player with the superior team can do what (s)he wants, it will work. I really don't see where the fun should be (for both players) when only one of about 5 games is longer than one quarter...
  • I'm still not sure what to think about this promo. on the one hand, I really like it that a lot of players for my theme team have been released in this promo (which is maybe a negative aspect of this promo for other theme teams). on the other hand, it is frustrating that there is no realistic chance to get these items (PU & stacked player) soon. 1 million coins (or even more) in total for both items in the auction house is far out of reach for me since I do not want to play H2H that much. to get this amount of coins with Solos takes about 10 weeks if you are not able to qualify for the top 100 Solo Battles leaderboard. and prices are still not going down after weeks... and at the moment there is no other way to get them. completing the respective set is even more expensive. and hoping for being lucky with packs ... well ... it takes more than a week to collect the coins for a The 50 pack ....
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