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MUT Player Variety

Really disappointed by today's GMM Stream announcing series 2 and the 50.

I'm a football fan so of course I can appreciate players like Derrick Brooks, Reggie White, Brian Dawkins Reggie Bush, and the others. Great players.

But how in the world do you guys go about deciding what players get cards and what players don't? It seems like it's literally the same teams/players every year. And this program of "the 50" is a great example (so far) of players that impacted Madden because mostly THEY'RE IN MADDEN!

I mean how is any other player supposed to impact Madden if they're never in it? I can name 1000 players that I'd love to have in this game, but apparently we're all just destined to have the same exact cookie cutter Moss/Vick cards forever and ever.

How many times have I used Moss or Vick in Madden? Almost never. Which let me tell you, is a fairly huge handicap. I'm always waiting around thinking perhaps someday there will be clear alternatives and I won't have to build out an Eagles, 49ers, or Ravens theme team just to stay mildly competitive. Or I won't have to build a META offense and run Gun Bunch Mesh Post every play of my life.

Football is such an amazing game, and MUT just dumbs it down to the lowest common denominator every year, starting with the complete lack of originality and choice in the cards available.

Thank you for putting Frank Minnifield in the game. That card really made me think maybe things would be different this year. I was super excited. But we're now a month plus into the game and my Browns hybrid theme team can't compete with "the 50" and there are no options for me other than to just quit (like last year at this time) or further abandon the actual players I like in favor of ones I specifically do not like just so I don't get rolled in every game by people running Gun Bunch Mesh Post.

There's really no reason that I can see that you couldn't make skins for cards where the stats just transferred over so that my team could actually be MY TEAM. You could do it with archetypes so Mike Vick's stats don't go on Joe Montana (for example). Or, I guess you could keep introducing "the 50" with next weeks new cards, Donovan McNabb, Earl Thomas, and Jadeveon Clowney. :sigh:


  • There's more to this story.

    The Browns have some of the greatest Full Backs of all time. Jim Brown and Marion Motely, for example. Both were great on the field and off the field. Motely was one of the first Black Players in NFL history.

    Yet what are my choices at Full Back? Max Strong (from Seattle), Kyle Juszczyk (Ravens and 49ers), Patrick Ricard (Ravens)?

    So if you're a running team, you really have a huge advantage if you build out a Ravens theme team. But the Browns? No, their offensive lineman options are poor and they don't have a real full back worth competing with. Furthermore, they have no blocking tight end. In fact, almost no team has a blocking tight end other than the Steelers, but don't expect him to catch anything in MUT because he'll never get open.

    The team building aspect of MUT is just horrible. It's very linier, and your options are extremely limited, UNLESS you want to throw every down and occasionally run inside zone, then you've got a few more choices since there are a million wide receivers, but it'll cost you quite a lot to get the functional players that can beat man and zone coverage and stretch the defense. It's kind of like playing 7 on 7, but only 5 on 5 really matter to the outcome.

    I want to be clear, I'm not just upset because there are not enough Browns players. I'm upset that the design of MUT centers around what is actually really wrong with MUT Gameplay (the Meta) and even if people want to be creative they're going to have a really difficult time doing it because the best cards favor one style of play, often just a few teams, and the expectation seems to be "who cares? we're making a lot of money doing it this way".
  • fully agree. and I do so, although I'm 49ers fan and go for a 49ers theme team. I can only imagine how annoying it is for a Browns fan.

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